Copying and Pasting

  Les T 17:13 03 Nov 2005

I am trying to copy and paste a photo i have into a BBC fans football forum. Problem is, when i try to paste it on to the discussion board the paste command is greyed out. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  johnnyrocker 17:23 03 Nov 2005

try copy paste to a blank word doc or such then try from there, are you sure also it is not copyright?


  johnnyrocker 17:25 03 Nov 2005

just re read your posting maybe the bbc do not allow pasting of anything on their site try using image shack also.


  Les T 18:00 03 Nov 2005

Tried pasting it to a Word document. No joy, i reckon you're right and the BBC does not allow pasting on their site.

  RickH0684 18:31 03 Nov 2005

Are you trying to paste into a text box, the kind of thing we are typing our messages into, if so this is not possible,



  RickH0684 18:32 03 Nov 2005

Try linking to the image with some html, not sure what you would need however im sure someone here will know.

  Les T 18:37 03 Nov 2005

Yes Rick i am trying to paste into a text box. Not sure about linking it with html.


  RickH0684 18:49 03 Nov 2005

Not sure myself either however know its possible, I would resolve this matter and open a new one, likely to get more attention as it'll be newer, you basically need some html code to tell the browser to display the image where the picture is on the page you want to display it, being the BBC Forum if i recall correctly, cant see a problem with this. Some sites do not allow HTML coding in the forums.



  ACOLYTE 19:39 03 Nov 2005

You could try highlighting what you need then pess ctrl-c then open some image software say irframviewer the either press the paste icon in there or press ctrl-v.You can highlight the area by pressing ctrl-a but this will highlight everthing not just the pic.

  Les T 19:39 03 Nov 2005

I've been thinking, by the time i've managed to display the photo, the relevance of it will have passed. Thanks to yourself and johnnyrocker for replying.

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