Copying from old laptop

  collinsc 20:24 14 Dec 2011


I am considering purchasing a new laptop. I know how to copy all my word docs, pics etc i'll just use my ext HD. But, how do i:

1) Copy over i tunes? (can this be done on HD and then do i have to re-install i tunes app?)

2) i recently downloaded microsoft office 2010 via a work offer using a key. i assume i cant re-use the key, can i transfer ms2010 over (if i get a laptop without 2010).

3) there are a number of applications/programs i have on my c drive (my programs drive) that i honestly dont know what are for!!! i assume if i dont know what they are then i dont need them...

advice on above questions appreciated, and on a new laptop, budget is £400 - no other real requirements, my acer aspire 5613 has served me well, but it's perhaps time i updated.


  john bunyan 21:22 14 Dec 2011

See other thread re laptop advice. Copy your iTunes folder to the USB HD. Then install iTunes (programme files) on new machine, read up how to de authorise the old computer, and authorise the new one. then copy the iTunes folder into the appropriate place in the new machine. If you have an iPod touch I think you can use it to transfer data.

  john bunyan 21:23 14 Dec 2011

See here for iTunes from Apple:

  collinsc 21:51 14 Dec 2011

john, thanks for comments on posts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 15 Dec 2011

1) has been covered

2) Yes ou can reinstall on the new machine you probably have a 3PC licence if not then unistall from the old one and it should be OK.

3) list the programs and we can tell you what they are for.

  collinsc 17:03 16 Dec 2011

2) ok thanks. 3) i will do in due course, thanks!

  collinsc 20:49 20 Dec 2011

hi i have got the toshiba.

2)"Yes ou can reinstall on the new machine you probably have a 3PC licence if not then unistall from the old one and it should be OK." - i dont think i have the code written down.. i assume it is on my Laptop somewhere? can you advise how i go about the uninstall and re-install on to the toshiba?

3) I will do this in the near future.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:58 20 Dec 2011

Use SIW (secrets ) to find the Serial number of Office then if you have the original download file install into the toshiba if not then try downloading again onto the Tosh and use the serial number to activate.

  Strawballs 09:43 21 Dec 2011

If it's the office 2010 that you can get for £8.95 through the MS home use scheme then just re-install on new machine using the original product key you got from MS when you downloaded the software.

Or redownload it again Home Use Program

  collinsc 17:13 21 Dec 2011

thanks guys, ive found the product key so i'll give it a go. cheers

  collinsc 15:09 23 Dec 2011

Hi On point 3, here is a list of such programmes which i do not know what they are for! kontiki bing bar installer bonjour conduit CONEXANT DIFX CyberLink Oberon media Sibelius software


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