Copying with Nero

  denali 00:57 08 May 2003

Help me Please!!! I need urgent advise.
I am running 98se with the latest version of nero.

I have five floppys with important data on them. I need to get them on one CD to complete a Uni. course in the summer. I have no problem at all with the first one but trying to copy any more overwrites the first. I have read all the help file, ticked and unticked all the relevent boxes but cannot get it right. There is plenty of room on the CD, I have checked the capacity of both the flopps and the CD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  leo49 01:19 08 May 2003

Why not transfer all the contents of the floppies to your HDD and then burn them all in one go - saves a hell of a lot of hassle.


  Andsome 08:37 08 May 2003

If you are getting an over write peoblem are you using CDRW's? Try CDR's. Create a new folder for each floppy on the CDR. This how I save batches of digital photo's

  -pops- 08:42 08 May 2003

Don't use CDRWs for anything at all valuable. They have a nasty habit of becoming unreadable/inaccessible. CDRs should be fine. As an extra precaution, as CDRs are so cheap, make a second copy as a backup.

Do as Leo49 says as well, copy to HDD first.


  Mango Grummit 09:44 08 May 2003

Have you tried using InCD, drag N drop, making sure of course that each file to be copied has a different name? No chance of overwriting using this method!

No offence to anyone but I do believe this thing about CD-RWs being unreliable is a bit OTT. I use them daily for incremental backups (always two copies to be on the safe side) and over the last twelve months have only had one give me any trouble. Prior to that I've lost two. That is three in about two years.

Always do a second copy for anything important but CD-RWs are very handy and not as unreliable as some folks are given to believe.... or am I alone on this? Probably due to the lucky star I was born under?

  Stuartli 10:01 08 May 2003

Why not use your CD-Rs in multisession form?

I do this to save a range of utilities and similar programs as well as backups etc.

As CD-Rs are easier for a drive to read than a CD-RW (more reflectivity and not using the surface more than once) they are also more reliable; however, care is needed with handling although it is not the problem that many make it out to be.

Buying good quality media is also important. Here's where to look to find out who makes what media and who rebadges it under their own name:

click here

  -pops- 10:03 08 May 2003

Three in two years is three too many - especially for backups.

I think you are very lucky. I've never had any success with CDRWs and, like another person that comes on the forum, will not let them into my house.

So, yes, there was a lucky star you were born under or perhaps it was its antithesis that I was;-))


  denali 18:02 08 May 2003

Thank you all very much for your help. Leo49 was the first to respond and I followed his instructions. It took me twenty minutes to complete what it had taken me almost a full day with no avail.

Once again Thank you


  roy 18:47 08 May 2003


I think your shortcut is click here


  roy 18:51 08 May 2003

hmmm....perhaps not.


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