Copying mp3 to disc using Windows Media Player

  Saltyseadog 11:48 02 Jun 2004

I would be grateful if anyone can give me a few pointers in making up an mp3 disc for my daughter. I have downloaded the Sonic Cine Player plug-in to enable me to convert files over to mp3 and I have copied the albums onto the hard drive and then proceeded to copy them to a 650MB disc however no matter what sampling rate I use for the quality I only seem to be able to copy one album onto a disc. I thought the whole point of using mp3 was to be able to store several ablums on one disc. What am I doing wrong?.

  MartinT-B 11:58 02 Jun 2004

WMP defaults to create a new CD with the tracks, rather than just copying the tracks across in the same format.

I am not sure you can change that - not so long ago, you could only rip cd tracks as .wma files with WMP. I don't use WMP to make my disks, I use Real Player or Nero (depending on the task).

There are other free players that have more options when burning/creating a CD.

  pj123 13:14 02 Jun 2004

Not sure if I am on the same wavelength as you but my first mp3 to CD was a disaster. Like you I thought that lots of mp3s could be copied to CD but the mistake I made was I used "Audio CD" which automatically converts mp3 back to cda. I then tried "Data Disk" and copied them all no problem. So in my case when copying mp3 to CD use Data Disk and not Audio CD. Obviously, you have to have an MP3 player to play them back.

  Daz35 13:24 02 Jun 2004

If you use software such as Nero or Roxio, it will enable you to have the choice of making audio CD, data CD or Mp3CD.

To play an Mp3 CD you will need a compatible player. Most new-ish DVD players will play Mp3 CD's and to give you an example, I managed to fit around 200 tracks onto a normal size 700Gb disk.

  Longsightboy 13:41 02 Jun 2004

I'm sure you'd get more than 200 tracks on one of those discs! LOL ;-)

  pj123 18:07 02 Jun 2004

No it's not 700gb it's 700mb which is the standard now.

  Daz35 19:45 02 Jun 2004

and I think some people need to get a 700Gb sense of humour!!

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