copying mini dv to pc

  Vyppa 12:46 31 Aug 2008

i have a jvc gr-dvx400ek and i can't work out how to download my tapes, i have tried the s video and the 4 pin dv cable and my pc won't even recognise my camcorder is plugged in

can anyone help please


  tullie 12:58 31 Aug 2008

Dont think its possible to put a dv tape onto your pc without buying additional equipment,someone will put us right.

  Bagsey 15:59 31 Aug 2008

Generally you will find that to get DV into your computer from the camera you will need to use a fire wire cable.There are some cameras that dont use that system but I cant name one off hand.

  Bagsey 16:08 31 Aug 2008

Dont know what happened there , I was typing then suddenly half my thread was on the site. Anyway check your camera manual to see if there is a Firewire (IEEE1394 ) port. It will most probably be separate to the other ports. It may my marked as DV out. Your computer must also of coure have Firewire card fitted.I think that that is the cause of your trouble. You will also need some software to edit your video in. If you are using XP you will have a copy of Windows Moviemaker already installed.
I hope that this helps. Come back with more info about your setup and we will be able to help.

  chub_tor 16:29 31 Aug 2008

Some laptops and miniDV cameras use an i for the firewire symbol eg my Toshiba's input is called is400 and my Sony camera calls it iLink. As Bagsey says it is all IEEE1394 firewire anyway and as far as I know it is the quickest (and maybe the only way) to get the output from your miniDV camcorder into your PC.

You can fit Firewire cards into a desktop PC and into some laptops if it isn't already fitted.

  eedcam 19:45 31 Aug 2008

If your cam is mini dv it will have a firewire port to check your pc go todevice manager and look for IEEE1394 if it says it and there are noyellow marks you should be ok .Remaber when youconnect do so with both pc and cam OFF then put pc on then cam and if cam is in playbackposition windows should bleepand ask what you want to capture to

  Vyppa 17:30 01 Sep 2008


have got the little i on both cam/c and pc and the 4 pin plug goes into there but still nowt.

where is device manager ? i've looked every where


  eedcam 18:46 01 Sep 2008

Right click on MY computer then properties then the hardware Tab then the device manager tab and check through the list

  Vyppa 21:08 01 Sep 2008

thanks to everyone for your help it really is appreciated but to no avail.....will keep on trying but my pc will not recognise the c/c even though the ieee1394 is there and working


  eedcam 22:17 01 Sep 2008

Confirm youconnected as I said with both cam and pc off then switched pc on then cam with the cam switched to play back and Nothing happened?

  Vyppa 06:15 02 Sep 2008

turned off both, plugged in s vid and 4 pin and turned on the pc then the camera has a wheel which you turn to p/back and it boots up and nothing.

the pc dosent recognise the cc and visa versa which i find strange, i also have an editor suite
(pinnacle studio 10) and this won't detect either

so i'm non the wiser

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