Copying to memory stick.

  montsi 15:40 13 Oct 2007

I want to copy the whole of C:\My Documents to a memory stick. I can transfer indivildual items or folders but don't know how to transfer the lot en bloc. Advice much appreciated. Am using Windows Me.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:47 13 Oct 2007

Open the folder go to edit-select all-edit copy..then open your memory stick from 'my computer'-right click and hit paste.


  Clapton is God 15:58 13 Oct 2007

Or - open the folder and click Edit; Select All. Then, from the menu at the top left (File and Folder Tasks), select 'Copy the selected items'.

This will open a drop-down menu of possible 'destinations'. Scroll down until you find the memory stick and then click 'Copy'.

  ambra4 16:13 13 Oct 2007

If all of my document you want to copy just right click on icon on desktop copy and paste on flash drive

Check size by right click-properties-general just to make sure that file will fit on drive

  Clapton is God 16:30 13 Oct 2007

"If all of my document you want to copy just right click on icon on desktop copy and paste on flash drive"

Which will, in fact, achieve nothing more than copying a shortcut to your flash drive - not the documents

  gel 17:20 13 Oct 2007

Is this of any help
I have a desk top and a lap top.
All 'my documents' are on a memory stick suitably 'backed up' (ie copied) to another memmory stick each week
If I go away from home as I do very frequently with a caravan I take my lap top and my memory stick and then have use of 'my documents'
On the memory stick I created folders
I then save to these folders.
I never save to 'my documents' on the hard disc.
I adopted this method 18 months ago when I bought my first lap top and wanted a flexible system
I have not had any problems
The other advantage is that I can access 'my documents' on any PC (with the owners permission of course)by the use of the USB socket.
Perhaps this does not directly answer your question but it gives another slant

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