Copying large folders to multiple CDs

  sheila.weston 11:31 17 Dec 2004

Is it possible to copy large folders of image files to multiple CDs, without having to select separate folders for each copy routine.

Thank you for your help, as always!


  TomJerry 11:42 17 Dec 2004

such as handybackup click here

  sheila.weston 14:41 17 Dec 2004

Many thanks, TomJerry - Yes, I have Handybackup and do regular backups to my second hard drive. An excellent program.

I want to copy my image files to CDs (and DVD, when I get the drive working) as a second backup and also to show them on a TV screen when we get around to buying one with a DVD drive!.

  TomJerry 15:00 17 Dec 2004

you can reduce image files size to something like 800x600 because TV cannot handle high resolution, small file is also quick to load from dvd player. WinXP powertoy has a program called imageresizer which is great to do batch image files resize.

Better way to view on TV is produce slideshow on dvd format and burn on DVD and play as normal DVD, the best program I found is Proshow Gold

  sheila.weston 17:20 17 Dec 2004

Re Handy backup - I had forgotten that it did 'disc-spanning'.

I use Photoshop Elements or Irfan for batch re-sizing.

Proshow Gold at click here looks interesting.

Thanks for the tips.


  Pesala 19:15 17 Dec 2004

Burn one CD, then use the CD copy function. Much faster or more reliable than selecting and dragging multiple folders.

  sheila.weston 10:45 20 Dec 2004

I have now tried using Handy backup and it doesn't work. The problem may be related to the fact that I have inadvertently bought it from the Russian site, not the American one. This only came to light when I wanted to reinstall it in the summer. The Amerian site said that their version was the original one and the Russian one had fewer functions. I'll contact the Russian support line (they seem very professional) and see what they say about disk-spanning.


  sheila.weston 10:49 20 Dec 2004

Pesala, sorry to be dim, but I am not sure what you mean. I transfer the large folder (which contains many sub-folders) to the left hand side of the nero screen, then start the burn process. A message comes up saying that i need a larger disk.............

  pj123 12:02 20 Dec 2004

Another slide show programme is HP Memories Disk Creator. Download it free. See this previous thread for more. click here

  jack 14:52 20 Dec 2004

The many ways of doing what you want seem complex when in fact the 'steam way' is so simple.
Reduce rez for TV - Yes but you will surely need orig rez for future use?
So try this Right click each sub folder to determine its indivudual size and make a note.
Bear in mind that the avarage CD is 600 Mb.
Copy 600Mb worth per burn.
Also download Xat Com slide prog.
This will resize/group/add music/copy as PC or DVD type slide show and burn in one swipe.
No messin.

  sheila.weston 17:29 20 Dec 2004

I am a bit puzzled. The last two responses don't seem relevant, although very interesting. I want to back up lots of image files to multiple CDs (and DVDs when I can get my drive working properly). Eventually I may remove them all from my main hard drive.


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