Copying Jpegs etc. onto multiple discs for back up

  nick_j007 15:23 11 Dec 2003

Hello all,
Hope this finds you well.

Hoping you can help me out a bit here.

I am wanting to make a back up of 2.07 gig's worth of mainly Jpegs, a WAV or two, and a few Quicktime movies. I want to copy over onto a CD-R 700 MB, and so will need 3 discs.

Can this be done using the regular Windows facility? I have been trying to use the 'split' function on MusicMatch but it doesn't want to know it would seem. I probably need to pay! ;-)

I don't have Nero in case you might ask.

This will be an on-going issue for me now as this 5MP camera really loads the size up now.

So, copying onto one is not a problem for me, but having a prog. do it over a number of discs is. Your thoughts would be most welcome.

Nick Jones

  scotty 15:46 11 Dec 2003

Not sure what the problem is. If individual files are <600MB you can copy using Explorer.

However, if you want to copy over several discs, I believe WinZip (or WinRar) will do this. This facility was intended for floppy discs but may work with CDs too.

  InZaNE_mOdS 15:50 11 Dec 2003

yeah. you dont seem to have a problem. btw what OS you using? when i record a variety of things i just use the data function.

  nick_j007 15:51 11 Dec 2003

Thanks Scotty.

It's just that the 2.07 gig's worth is under my 'November' My Pictures file, and I want to copy it over in a continuous flow as it were.


  nick_j007 15:57 11 Dec 2003

Hmmmm data function? How do I do that?

I'm on XP home


  Jester2K II 16:04 11 Dec 2003

The only way to copy it over as a Continuos Stream is if you have a file larger than the CD Capacity.

You don't.

You don't need to split anything or make any special arrangements.

Think of it like filling boxes. Copy files from the PC to CD1 until it is full, then continue using CD2, CD3 etc etc

  nick_j007 16:51 11 Dec 2003

Thanks for this guys. This might be where you get fed up with me and tell me to read a manual!

"The only way to copy it over as a Continuos Stream is if you have a file larger than the CD Capacity.
You don't."

Surely, my file is larger than the CD capacitiy? 2+ gig file and the CD is 700MB. Though I do realise that 3 discs will cater.
Will windows do it for me (short of putting the disc in the tray!) and copy all these over the three discs let's say without me having to decide which pic's will go on or not with each disc? Does windows say "right, disc 1 is full, remove and insert disc 2 for the next part etc"?

I am currently working with Winzip as suggested. I have zipped it all up, and now I am splitting it into 700MB parts to then copy. Though it's making my PC exceedingly slow at the moment!

Thank you, Nick

  Jester2K II 17:25 11 Dec 2003

Which FILE is 2 Gig?

Maybe you have a FOLDER than contains 2 Gig of FILES but i doubt you have any 2 Gig FILES.

There is NO POINT in zipping these files and then chopping up the ZIP file to fit.

Windows won't do anything for you. You tell IT what you want on which CD.

The easiest way is to ignore WinZip.

Look at your files. Make 3 new folders.

Start Moving files into folder 1 until the contents reach 650 - 700 Mb.

Then start moving more files to Folder 2. Repeat for Folder 3.

Then burn the contents of Folder 1 to CD1.

Then burn the contents of Folder 2 to CD2.

Then burn the contents of Folder 3 to CD3.

  nick_j007 19:00 11 Dec 2003

Jester you are of course right and I see the difference now between a file and folder. I do know this somewhere in my head but I was failing to make the distinction for this purpose.

I shall do exactly as you say. This was in mind from the beginning but I was hoping it might be a little easier that's all :-)

BTW, how much memory does a DVD recordable have on it please?

Cheers, and thanks for your cooperation.


  Jester2K II 19:17 11 Dec 2003

4.7 or 9 Gb (depends on the type)

  nick_j007 19:28 11 Dec 2003

Ok thanks.

Something for when I grow up maybe?

All the best,


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