Copying from the internet to a blank page

  littlejohn28 17:43 20 Oct 2013

Often reading your News letters I find useful information that I would like to copy and keep for future reference. I find this is very difficult when you relevant topic is surrounded with adverts, and b)the topic has diagrams or pictures of drop down computer boxes. What is the best way of copying such topics to a document. Littlejohn.

  wee eddie 17:55 20 Oct 2013

Save as a text, onto your desktop. Save the images as jpeg's.

Open a Word document, paste them in and edi

Job done

  rdave13 20:51 20 Oct 2013

Or if you have the snipping tool take 'snaps' of the page/s and save to a folder you create. Can be printed out later if wished.

  martd7 20:53 20 Oct 2013

rdave 13 you beat me to it,very useful tool is the snipping tool

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