Copying a hard drive with Windows XP

  [DELETED] 12:11 31 Aug 2003

I was about to purchase Powerquest's Drive Copy to aid the upgrade of a hard drive by copying its contents but I found out that it doesn't support Windows XP. I've previously upgraded with a clean install but never used copying software. What can I use that supports XP?

Also, am I write in thinking that copying software ie operating systems means that I won't have to reinstall the OS?

  [DELETED] 12:20 31 Aug 2003

Xxcopy supports XP and is a here and have a butchers' here


  [DELETED] 12:29 31 Aug 2003

Sorry Gandalf didn't include the important question: "Will the software make a bootable copy of the drive?"

Had a look at the XXcopy but it won't make a bootable copy with Windows XP. Thanks though.

  [DELETED] 15:08 31 Aug 2003

Yes, xxcopy does work. When I bought my computer it only had a 20gb hard drive in it. I then bought a 40gb hard drive and used xxcopy to transfer everything from the 20 to the 40 and now I have an 80gb hard drive and also used xxcopy to do the transfer. No problems.

  [DELETED] 15:49 31 Aug 2003

Most of the larger drive manufacturers have installation software available from their websites to aid with the installation of a new drive and this software will also enable you to copy one drive to another. In the case of Maxtor the Maxblast III installation software is downloadable to floppy disk and the diagnostic utility Powermax can also be downloaded. Seagate have similar utilities available for download and no doubt Western Digital will also have something similar.

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