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Copying a hard drive whilst maintaining privacy

  Ptinus 21:46 05 Dec 2015

I want to give my grandson a laptop no longer requiem by my business. The plan is to fit a new hard drive. Before doing so I shall delete all confidential files from the existing hard drive. If I then ghost the existing drive to to the new drive, will the deleted files be copied on to the new hard drive where they could be recovered at a later date ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:52 05 Dec 2015


if confidentiality is required you need to completely erase the drive by overwriting several times and reinstall windows from either the restore disks or a fresh install.

  Ptinus 22:17 05 Dec 2015

Many thanks Fruit Bat.

  robin_x 22:20 05 Dec 2015

Clean Install is certainly necessary. From DVD(s) or any Recovery Partition that is present.

Quick Format other partitions, D: E : F: etc. But not any hidden partitions.

Then Ccleaner Free Tools > Drive Wiper > Free Space only > Single Overwrite (1 pass) is sufficient to all except Government Agencies

Tick All Partitions, not just C:

  Bailifei 05:46 08 Dec 2015

Why not just reinstall Windows on the new hard drive, and keep the confidential files to yourself on the old hard drive? Just use the old drive as a data storage hard drive.

  Terry Brown 10:48 08 Dec 2015

Depending on the Harddrive, you can obtain a 'Low Level format' program from the manufacturers. Normally you will need to load this to an external drive (USB stick, or CD) and boot from that. This writes a series of Zero's across all the drive, including the first and last 255 bytes which are normally not touched (this is where root virus's hide). The drive can then be safely re-partitioned-re-Formatted and used.

Your company may have a system / Policy of destroying data on any computer before it is released to a 3rd party.


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