Copying hard disks

  Sparky3327 14:14 17 May 2003

I've just added a 40Gb to my existing 20Gb and want to put put the contents of my smaller drive onto the larger one, whilst keeping the OS on the 20Gb drive.
That's all well and good, but I don't know how to go about.
What's the easiest way of going about it and what software do I need?
Thanks for your help,

  Peter 14:56 17 May 2003


Drive Image or Norton Ghost will put everything on the new 40 Gig drive and make it bootable as well. It can then be used in place of the 20 Gig or with the 20 Gig as a slave.

I think that if you want to just move the programmes to the new drive that they will have to be reinstalled.


  Wak 15:02 17 May 2003

The best info I can give you is to have a look at click here
This FREE program will copy (clone) everything on one HDD to another HDD including all system files, registry, programs and data files,
It's quick Easy and free and is great for the total weekly back-up. I have used it now for over 12 months with no problems
Once installed, you go to Start/ programs/ MS-DOS Prompt and type:-

XXCOPY C:\ D:\/Clone

and that will copy your entire C:\ drive to your D:\ drive.

If things go belly up with drive C:\ then simply copy your D:\ drive back to your C; drive and you are back to square one.

What more could one ask for??

  Sparky3327 22:01 17 May 2003

Thanks for your help, xxcopy worked like a dream!!

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