Copying to a floppy

  Lillylou 11:25 26 Sep 2003

As I don't have a CD RW I bought some floppy discs, but I can't get my pc to copy on to them. It tells me to format the discette and a message comes up "Windows unable to complete format" I use Winxp. Can someone please tell me how to copy onto a floppy have looked in the help section and that tells you nothing.

  pj123 11:39 26 Sep 2003

What are you trying to copy? Don't forget floppies can only hold just over 1mb of data each.

You can buy floppies ready formatted, but as you already have them (unformatted) try going to windows explorer and right click on A and then click on format. If you have already done that and it didn't work you would need to reboot to DOS or use a boot floppy to get to DOS and then put the unformatted floppy in and type "format A:" without the quote marks and press enter. When that has finished put the next floppy in and do the same again - until you have formatted them all. When all done switch off and reboot as normal.

  Lillylou 12:08 26 Sep 2003

The box says they are already formatted. I wanted to copy everything I had in my Documents and Pictures so if my pc crashed I had backs up.

  Inky 12:25 26 Sep 2003

Are the diskettes formatted for a PC? The formatting could be for a Mac.

Does the capacity say 1.44Mb?

  Diemmess 12:27 26 Sep 2003

Documents Yes - Pictures-doubtful dependant on file size.

If your disks are formatted, try using "Save As" in your document program, but select "Drive A" as the place to save, with a floppy already in the drive. If the document isn't saved to the floppy then there is an underlying problem.

As a guide a Word letter will take around 80Kb of the 1400Kb of your floppy.

  alcudia 12:37 26 Sep 2003

Have you use floppies before. If so and you still have them I would try one of these that you know have worked.

If these fail (and I would try more than one) then there is probably a problem with the drive itself.

If the drive is faulty you can pick up a new one for about a fiver.

  Lillylou 13:19 26 Sep 2003

The disc says 2HD IBM 1.44MB.

  SEASHANTY 16:20 26 Sep 2003

The floppies seem okay. If by some chance you have purchased unformatted floppies they can be formatted by right clicking on the floppy icon and selecting format from the window that opens. Afterwards just open windows explorer and click on My Documents which will show all your documents icons in the Righthand panel. Left click on the icon whilst holding down the left mouse button and drag the image over to the lefthand panel into the drive "A" floppy icon and let go the mouse. This will copy the file over. You will probably have to first open MY COMPUTER icons by clicking on the plus sign in the box to show the floppy icon before dragging the file over. Note that you will not be able to copy items over once the floppy is full with about 1.2 MB of data. You will then need to insert another floppy disc.

  Lillylou 13:44 27 Sep 2003

I had one more try at formatting and for some reason my PC decided it would do it. So thanks for all your helpfull suggestions.

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