Copying files from my old PC to my new laptop...!!

  djste 11:38 25 Oct 2003


I don't know much about computers so please be kind! I'm a bit lost...

I have an old PC in my bedroom, and I'm just after buying a new laptop. The old PC uses Windows ME and the laptop Windows XP. Neither are connected to a network, although both have a network card.

I need to copy some files from the PC onto my laptop. Is there an easy way to do this???

Do I simply buy and cable, hook up the two machines, and share out the drive on the PC??

Adive greatly appreciated...

  Eagie 12:55 25 Oct 2003

Buy a network cable to go between the two machines (something like click here will do).

Run the network setup wizard on your XP machine (right click on My Network Places, select properties, and choose the "setup a home or small office network" option) and it will produce a disk for you run on your other machine setting up the network. You will then be able to share and copy files from one machine to the other.

  palinka 18:26 25 Oct 2003

I was in the same situation 3 months ago. The easiest way, if the files are small enough, is to copy them to floppy disks then put the disks into your new laptop.
If they're too big for floppies, and you have a CD writer on the old machine then copy them to CD which will hold a lot more than floppy. Your new laptop is almost certain to have at least CD player, which is all you need for the transfer at that end.

  spikeychris 18:43 25 Oct 2003

Eagie, right idea but wrong cable click here same site different cable.



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