Copying files to disc problem

  desperate1950 21:06 29 Jul 2004

When I try to move any files or photos to my cd-rw an error message appears telling me that the disc is read only and can not be written to i am using good quality cd-rw discs its driving me nuts I can get data on to the disc by other means but surely a straight forword file transfer is not to much to ask can anyone help

  PA28 21:12 29 Jul 2004

What software are you using to write to your CD-RW? You can't simply treat it as another drive, like a floppy, unless you have previously set up the disk using your authoring software.

  desperate1950 21:23 29 Jul 2004

I am using Nero 6 and easy c.d creater I can burn anything but I cant move these files thanks for your reply

  PA28 08:35 30 Jul 2004

You probably only need one of these - I use Nero 6 - as I believe that the two in tandem can cause problems. So you have a fresh CD-R or whatever - not one that you have previously written to and finalised - you put this in your writer, fire up Nero and bring down the files ready for writing. Then what happens to make it all go wobbly, or have I missed a bit?

  Carafaraday 11:17 30 Jul 2004

when you have been writing to a DVD or CD which you have left open so you can append stuff, how do you 'finalise' it?

I am using XP and Record Now.

  desperate1950 12:19 30 Jul 2004

Thanks for your prompt reply to my cry for help the exact error message I am getting is as follows
Cannot Copy:selected file:files on this cd.rom drive are cannot copy or move files over to this cd.rom drive.

this is happening in w/explorer when i tryed to move files to the

When I use roxio drag to disc a small error comes up : disc read only

any ideas friends

  TomJerry 12:27 30 Jul 2004

If you want to use CD-RW as a big "floppy", you need to format it using a pocket writing software first. Roxio has directCD for it, just click drag to cd icon, right click and then you can format the CD, once formated, you can do what you do. Nero has InCD for pocket writting, but need to install separated. DO NOT install two pocket-writing software together because they are incompitable.

  cga 12:41 30 Jul 2004

If I understand your problem correctly - you can burn CD's containing other files without problems but you are unable to burn a CD containing these specific files. Am I right? Your first post suggest otherwise but I get this impression from what you say later.

If this is correct then have you checked the read only attributes of the files/folders from where you are copying?

Where are you trying to copy the files from?

Have you triede moving the files to some work folder first?

  Chegs ® 15:41 30 Jul 2004

I was getting the exact same problem writing files to a RW-DVD,I formatted the disc several times,this would allow me to rewrite the files to the disc,but soon as I attempted to add the rest of the files from another partition the same error occurred.I swapped the RW-DVD for another,formatted it with InCD,and tried to add the files from the two partitions and got the same error repeatedly.I reinstalled Nero 6,the OS(XP Home)but STILL this problem occurred.I went back to using Nero 5.5,and the problem disappeared.I tried Nero 6(once I had succeeded in getting my files onto a disc)with my mates Nero cd,and its been fine ever since.

  Smiler 17:00 30 Jul 2004

You cannot drag and drop files to a CD-RW Disc until the disc has been formatted by a packet writing program.

If you have nero 6 on cd you should find InCD on the disc as well. If not you need to download it from here click here

After a restart when you insert a blank cd-rw the InCD window will open so that you can name the disc then InCD will format it so that you can use it as a large floppy disc. Using windows explorer you can drag files to it or erase files by clicking on them and pressing delete them.

  desperate1950 19:54 31 Jul 2004

Well first I have to thank you,s all for your help I or we have solved the problem I removed the two writing programs :nero;roxio; and reinstoled roxio easy cd 6 I can now use the drag to disc to move my files and folders to my c.d-rw first cheking that the files have not been checked read only so thanks once again thats the wife talking to me again! is that a good thing? please dont reply to that.

Desperate 1950

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