Copying files to CD doesn't work

  davehyde 23:22 17 Jan 2003
  davehyde 23:22 17 Jan 2003

Just got a new PC with DVD and CD-rewriter.

Tried dropping files to the CD. Tried some tracks off a music CD to see how easy it was..Initially seemed very easy using drag and drop thru Windows XP.

But although the files appear to have been copied, I can't read them... I think they ARE there as they appear when I try the disc in another PC, but that won't read them either. Basic files (.txt for example) DO work

What if anything, am I doing wrong. I've tried this with CD-R and CD-RW and achieved zilch..


  Timeforabeer 23:44 17 Jan 2003

Hi davehyde
Is media player or any other player opening when you insert the cd?

  roversfan 23:57 17 Jan 2003

What software are you using to burn your cd's.

The files that you see when exploring a cd in windows are not the music tracks. They tell your computer/cd player where to look on the cd for the music. (To simplify a little)

A text file will copy ok simply because you are copying the actual data. You should be able to copy any data file from your hard drive or from a data cd to cdr/cdrw. However copying a music cd or individual tracks from a cd is a little more complicated.

If you want to copy a whole cd then your software should do that quite easily. If you want to copy individual tracks from a cd and then create your own cd then I would first convert the tracks to mp3 and store them on your hard drive and then use your software to convert the mp3s back to cdda format.

  davehyde 12:17 18 Jan 2003

... thought it was supposed to be easy! I'm just using whatever software comes with XP (I think!)

I've selected the files off the CD, dragged them to "E" (CD-rewrite drive) it asks if I want to copy them, I say "yes", it opens a wizard and takes me through it, then says "succesful copy"..

In the past I have used Gear to copy - not a particularly user-friendly piece of software I must say - but assumed that Windows XP was doing what it was telling it was doing - ie actually copying the CD!


  barrie_g 12:58 18 Jan 2003

easiest way with XP is to use media player;

first select copy cd from the left hand side of media player.

untick the ones you dont want to copy, then at the top click "copy"

this will write the files to your hard disk,

after this has completed down the left hand side again and click "copy to cd or device" then at the top click "copy" again and this will write the tracks to cd.

  -pops- 13:03 18 Jan 2003

The CD writing software in with XP is basic, to say the least.

You will most likely have been provided with some proper software (Nero or Easy CD) with the drive on your computer. Use that - it's far more reliable and a whole lot better, believe me.


  kimosabi 17:14 18 Jan 2003

nero is quite asy to use. use the wizard to start this will put you on the right way to copy audio or data or multisession
musticmatch plus is a easy way to copy music
good luck

  davehyde 17:27 18 Jan 2003

CD burning software... :-(

However, have tried Media Player and I think it works (typing this on old PC while new one copies downstairs!!)

Have to save up for Nero or whatever - unless anyone can recco any free downloadable alternative!!


  davehyde 18:31 18 Jan 2003

doesn't do the job either!

Set it going to "test" copy a CD and it seemed to be taking an age. So stopped it and set it copy just one track. This took 15+ minutes to copy a 4 minute track, then came up with an error message along the lines of "file too large to copy" - and this to a blank CD-RW

What's going on?!


  roversfan 00:08 20 Jan 2003

You can download a demo version at

click here

Very easy to use interface. Never had any problems with it myself.

Then if you like what it does you can start to saave yourpennies to buy it.

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