copying explorer file details into excel

  mythras 18:50 14 Nov 2003

Sorry if this has been dealt with before - can't find it on a search.

I am using XP with SP1.

I want to create a spreadsheet listing the contents of various folders, mainly so I can identify gaps in downloaded series. Explorer gives me all the details I want, but I can't find a way to export all the information so it can be manipulated. So far I can only copy title information on one-by-one basis, and this is restricted to the file name.

Ideally I would like to capture information about the entire contents of a folder, paste it into Excel, then sort by file size, creation date, etc.

Is there an easy way to do this?

  hugh-265156 19:06 14 Nov 2003

i dont use excel and spreadsheets terrify me lol but found:

click here

might do what you want

  [email protected]@m 19:23 14 Nov 2003

Is this Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer? I have copied a table on a web site by Edit, Select All, Copy, then pasted into Excel. Excel must be open.

  mythras 19:44 14 Nov 2003


thanks for the link - there is plenty there to follow up so will look in detail later.


I should have made it clear - Windows Exporer is the problem!

  mythras 21:28 14 Nov 2003

still struggling with this - anyone have any bright ideas?

  porci 21:44 14 Nov 2003

I dont suppose taking a screen shot will gie you the desired effects?

  mythras 22:28 14 Nov 2003


Thanks, but not really. It would enable me to print out but I would still have to enter all the data into excel.

There's probably a DOS solution, but at the moment that is eluding me too!

  VoG II 22:38 14 Nov 2003

If you can find a Windows Explorer equivalent that will allow you to print or send the contents to a file then I'm sure we can find a way to import that data into Excel, using a macro or otherwise.

I am aware of Excel macros that list files within folders (in fact I've written and used them) but they don't include the details like file size etc. and tend to be limited to searching the folder that the Excel file is located in. I think that what you are after would be relatively difficult to do from within Excel VBA without API calls etc. and we (certainly I) would be on a steep learning curve.

  mythras 22:46 14 Nov 2003


Thanks for your thoughts.

Having read many of your contributions before, if you don't know the answer it probably can't be done!

Strange though. Is it really so unusual that young Bill Gates hasn't thought of it?

  Alan2 22:53 14 Nov 2003

Can I suggest downloading "Karen's Directory Printer" from click here

When you run it there is an option to "save to disk" which puts the listing of *any* directory (folder) into a notepad file. From this it should be plain sailing to shoe-horn it into Excel.


  VoG II 22:59 14 Nov 2003

I think that the underlying problem is that Windows Explorer won't give you a printout - I've never understood why. Equally I've never had the need to do this. However, I believe that there are ways of doing so.

If you can find a program that allows you to print (or better save) a folder list, it would be possible to do a "print to file" then an import to Excel. You might want to start a new thread without "Excel" in the title as this may put a lot of potential helpers off.

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