Copying Dvds To HDD

  t_o_m 16:53 05 Jul 2003

I am wanting to copy a dvd video onto my hard drive. I know this is possible but I am not sure how to do it! I am running ME and use PowerDvd XP to play my dvds. Please help!

  Lú-tzé 17:21 05 Jul 2003

Do a google search for DVD Ripping and you will get all the info you want.

You need something like DVD Decrypter to rip it to your HDD and then you can use a prog like Vidomi to recode the film small enough to put onto a CDR.

  t_o_m 17:25 05 Jul 2003

thanks for that. I'll see what I can find

  rubella 18:43 05 Jul 2003
  rubella 18:46 05 Jul 2003
  staylong 18:54 05 Jul 2003

Go to Google and look for DVD Shrink 2.0 Its very very good and will rip the DVD and can even shrink the size so it will fit on a standard DVD Disc so good to store on Hard Disc and quality remains very high.

  djtom12 12:46 29 Dec 2003

Thank you very much for all your help. As you've probably noticed I've not been on the forums recently and my nickname has changed from t_o_m to djtom12.

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