Copying DVDs

  Jeffersonrex 13:32 10 Feb 2009

Boy I must be dumb ! but I cannot get my head round all the differing type of DVD discs. I have recorded a DVD from the original into the computer using Nero. I cannot find a DVD that is acceptable to Nero. It states there is not enough room on the DVD but the original is only 75 mins long and the DVD space is 125 mins. What am I not getting ! please help!

  The Brigadier 17:09 10 Feb 2009

Are you observing copyright through copying this DVD.

  Jeffersonrex 17:17 10 Feb 2009

Yes I am indeed observing the copywright because the copywright belongs to me. Its my "bash" I am trying to copy.

  kindly 18:38 10 Feb 2009

When you copied the film to your hard drive, you will of copied the whole disc. That will of been about 8 gig. The dvd has the film on twice and lots of extra things on it. What you need to do is look through the file of the film on the computer and seperate one copy only.
It can be a bit complicated to do if you have not done it before.

  Jeffersonrex 18:58 10 Feb 2009

Thanx kindly . It sounds as though that is exactly what I have done. Problem is of course, how do i fix that problem. Can anyone suggest another way to transfer the DVD other than Nero. I seem to remeber I had one in the distant path that allowed me to choose to opt out of some of the DVD contents. Or am I making things even worse . Jeffersonrex

  Zaphod 3 20:25 10 Feb 2009

googlem for dvd shrink

  Les28 20:29 10 Feb 2009

DVD Shrink Re-author mode or Nero Recode.

  Jeffersonrex 23:09 10 Feb 2009

Unfortunately no one has helped. I suspect that the actual DVD disc is probably wrong in the first place . The machine states DVD-R/RW or DVD Ram and I am using DVD-+R. Im confused as ever .com,

  tullie 06:42 11 Feb 2009

So try a DVD-r or DVD/RW,

  kindly 07:38 11 Feb 2009

As Zahod 3 has said, try to google for DVD shrink.
As you say about the didc being DVD+ or a DVD- you will have to check you computer specs to see what it will copy to. The original disc will be ok. If you have a DVD burner that will do duel layer discs you could buy one of them. They are a lot more expencive than single layer ones though.
Dont give up though. You have to learn and from this you will gain a lot of experience dealing with DVD's.

  Jeffersonrex 13:49 11 Feb 2009

Thank you Kindly, you are just that !

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