Copying DVD's

  lou29 01:26 23 Aug 2008

All you computer experts will probably think I have gone made but: My late father had HOURS of camcorder footage of my kids on those little tapes, and in no order whatsoever Sometime ago I borrowed a Video player and transfered them on to DVD's through my DVD recorder. Now I have decided to edit them into some sort of order and this is where my problem lies. I have these DVD's that I want to rip to my hard drive, sort and then copy them back onto DVD. I have tried a couple of ripping trials but I have no idea what they do to them but I cannot get them to play in Windows Movie Maker.

Does anyone know of a programme that will just copy the files to my hard drive (I don't want to converet them" whatever that means) - just plain old copy into a file I can find. Once I have done that I want to delete them again. Any help would be appreciated.

  MCE2K5 02:58 23 Aug 2008

Providing these DVD's are Home Video and not Bought Films, Copy the VIDEO_TS directory to your Hard Disc.

To Edit the dvd footage into some sort of order, They WILL have to be Converted to a format that Windows Movie Maker will understand, i.e. mpg.

Download this Free program 'VOB2MPG v2.5' click here 2nd in the list down.

  jack 10:43 23 Aug 2008

Unless the discs are 'Finalized' on the equipment that made them.
Refer to the Manual or the Tools menu on the Recorder

  lou29 11:13 23 Aug 2008

Thanks for the download advice. I have downloaded the programme but the DVD is in the drive and the first screen is asking me to fill in the "folder containing VOB sets" - what does that mean and where are they ? Really appreciate all your help and one day I might get this project finished (she hopes !!)

  jack 11:37 23 Aug 2008

Is the PC actually 'seeing' the disks and the contents thereon?

  lou29 11:44 23 Aug 2008

Oh no, I don't know. As soon as I open the programme this box comes up asking me to select "folder containing VOB sets" and then "Folder to write MPEGs to" which I assume is where I want to store them.

What seemed like a really easy job is now turning into something so complicated. I need help

  lou29 12:17 23 Aug 2008

The PC must be seeing it because it will play in Media Player.

  Sea Urchin 14:07 23 Aug 2008

Explanation of VOB

click here

  Les28 14:08 23 Aug 2008

When the box comes up in Badger IT vob2mpg click the box alongside "Folder containing vob sets" and click on the + sign next to My Computer you will see then your drive that has the DVD in it, click the + sign alongside it and you will see a folder Video TS, highlight that.

"Folder to save mpegs to", just select a folder on your hard drive by clicking on the box alongside that and browsing to a folder and select it.

Then click Start.

  lou29 14:46 23 Aug 2008

OMG ! Thank you so much, it actually worked and I can get it into Movie Maker - just for to work out how to edit it in now but hey, thats for another thread I guess !!!!!

Again, you cannot know how grateful I am, was really starting to give up.

  Les28 15:44 23 Aug 2008

I'm glad it worked OK. You would probably be best to save the edited work in WMM as DV AVI (PAL) in Option 3 save to my computer in the Movie Settings window under Other Settings, these are large files about 4 to 5 times larger than your original mpeg2.
WMM doesn't give you the option to save as an mpeg file, it's either dv avi or a variety of Windows Media video file types, which may reduce the quality and with few exceptions you can't burn directly to dvd from WMM, so would need to open your saved dv avi in your dvd burning software and burn as a dvd video, when it will be reduced again to mpeg2 size. When editing it's best to save a project file after every few edits, that's click File then save project as... just in case the editing program crashes, that way as long as the original video files are still on the hard drive and in the same location you haven't lost all your editing work but just need to open the project file again.

Other options are using a free trial of Video Redo Plus where you can edit directly from your dvd disk without converting to mpeg2, or if you have Nero software from version 6 on your pc you can edit from the dvd directly,maybe other cd/dvd burning suites have this as well. Good luck anyway, Les.

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