Copying on DVDs

  Phoenix40 13:18 17 Mar 2008

Hello i wonder if someone can help me with a problem copying on DVDs. I bought a new computer with a DVD RW, which has Vistas windows.I have no trouble copying onto the DVD. But when i transfer the disk into my old computer which uses Wins 98SE and is not a DVD RW drive. I am unable to see the files ive burned on the disk. I have been able in the past to see information other people have sent me on copied disks. But i cant see my own information. I admit this is the first time ive had a DVD RW drive computer and it is rather new to me. It seems what i have done is alright but just cant see the information in the drive on my wins explorer in my old computer. I would appreciate it if anyone can help thank you.

  David4637 13:25 17 Mar 2008

You can't put a DVD into a CD drive on your W98SE PC and see the files on it, it has to be a DVD drive to read it. I assume your W98SE has NOT got a DVD drive. It probably would not work anyway. David

  Phoenix40 13:31 17 Mar 2008

Hello thank you for your reply. Sorry if i wasnt clear in my information. The DVD drive on my old computer is a DVD Rom drive. But its not a DVD RW drive. It can run DVDs but not copy them. So in the past i was able to read other peoples copied DVDs. I just wonder is it because the windows are so different? I hope to hear anymore ideas thank you.

  lofty29 13:50 17 Mar 2008

I do not have vista, but have heard that the files are not backwards compatible to 98

  Phoenix40 17:01 17 Mar 2008

Hello thank you for your replies. One other thing to do with transfering files from one computer to another. I saw advertised in a leaflet, something called Memory Sticks where they have a USB connection with about 2 Gigbyte memory where you can d/load information onto for another computer. Would they be any good from a Vistas window computer to a old Wins 98SE system? If anyone knows much about these accessories let me know if you can use them on any computer thank you.

  Demora 17:22 17 Mar 2008

You probably need a 3rd party Burning software programme like Nero 7 on the vista pc. Then burn the files to a dvd-R Using 'Burn at once' I had a dvd rom drive on my old '98'pc also installed a dvd re-writer worked fine. DVD re-writers are cheap enough these days.


  Demora 17:24 17 Mar 2008

Yes you can use usb memory sticks or key drives etc on any PC providing the 98 pcs' have usb installed.

  Phoenix40 17:36 17 Mar 2008

Hello thank you for your replies. Just two things i want to mention. Concerning the DVD RW drives are they the ones where you can connect them externally? Do they have a USB connector? Also the memory sticks. I have seen some on the Amazon site, as an example. They mention different windows they can be used on, but not wins 98SE so far. Does that mean i cant use them on that system? Yes i do have a couple of USB ports on my old computer. Hope to hear from someone soon thanks.

  brundle 17:41 17 Mar 2008

Depending on the age of the DVDROM drive it may not support some disc types. See what it can read using Nero Infotool; click here

  Phoenix40 17:57 17 Mar 2008

Thank you for that. Sorry if i need you to clarify this software called Nero tool again. Do i install this on my old wins 98SE to read information from DVD disks from other windows? Please let me know when you can thanks.

  brundle 18:27 17 Mar 2008

Yes, run it on the '98 machine. It won't read the information from the discs, it will tell you what discs the drive is able to read from.

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