Copying a dvd in Windows Media Player

  thumbscrew 18:50 05 Oct 2017

Can anyone tell me how to copy a dvd in Windows Media Player? I regularly do this with cds by ripping to library and burning, but this doesn't work in WMP.

  difarn 18:15 06 Oct 2017

I would be surprised if you get any advice on this as both ripping cds and DVDs is illegal in the UK.

  thumbscrew 20:36 06 Oct 2017

As I explained difarn, it wasn't a commercial disc. It was a recording of a hearing made in a hospital by hospital staff, of my wife and myself who were part of an NHS meeting. These meetings are recorded and a copy of the proceedings are given to the attendees, but for reasons unknown the hospital staff recorded the audio on a dvd disc. As it wouldn't play on our home audio equipment, I decided to transfer it to a blank cd. All legal and above board amigo and that's what this thread is all about.

  thumbscrew 21:28 06 Oct 2017

So please can I have the (incorrectly) censored earlier posts restored please?

  thumbscrew 22:01 06 Oct 2017

Even though I fully explained the above in my initial posts, it seems the censors within failed to digest it. For those with suspicious minds, I repeat that 'twas a private/non-commercial dvd I was copying.

  wee eddie 22:47 06 Oct 2017

It is probable that no one is sure how to do it. As far as I know that facility is not available in WMP. You will need to select some other software. I am unable to advise you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:05 07 Oct 2017

Explore the disk and tell is what file extensions are there

Audio files can be burn't to a DVD disc its surprising how many mp3s can be stored on a DVD disc.

  thumbscrew 22:27 07 Oct 2017

Thanks everyone, found this on Youtube and it worked

  thumbscrew 22:31 07 Oct 2017
  difarn 23:55 07 Oct 2017

I believe that worked because it was a non-commercial DVD. Good you have it sorted.

  thumbscrew 00:00 08 Oct 2017

Thanks everyone.

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