Copying dvd-r to dvd+r

  Jonathan314159 12:19 02 Apr 2003

How easy is it to copy a dvd-r disc to dvd+r? ie is it as simple popping the dvd-r disc into one drive and copying to a dvd+r disc?

  Paranoid Android 13:05 02 Apr 2003

Are we talking data or movies ? Copy protection could be an issue.

Most DVD+R drives will read DVD-R, but the converse is not true. (or have I got that the wrong way round ?).


  Jonathan314159 14:09 02 Apr 2003

It's just home movies that I have put onto DVD-r, so no copyright issues. I would like to think that dvd players will be able to read these for years to come, but if dvd+r is going to become the standard then at some point I might want to transfer them across.

If transferring them is difficult, then I'd be better off putting them onto dvd+r now.

I know you can buy drives that allow a choice of burning - or + r, but that doesn't really solve the problem. You still have to take a punt now as to which format to burn the disc to

  stlucia 14:19 02 Apr 2003

I think you're worrying too much. So long as you can play them on your own machine(s), you needn't do anything now -- certainly not go to the expense of getting another burner just in case.

If some time in the future you find that -R or +R format is becoming less well supported, you can then make your decision about a new burner. Tranferring them will be simple so long as your old (as it will be then) or new burner is still able to read your DVD-Rs -- you can just copy the files to your HDD, then burn them again in whatever format is current at the time.

  Jonathan314159 13:59 03 Apr 2003

Thanks for advice

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