Copying downloads to MP3 player

  geanne 14:47 08 Jan 2007

I have tried to copy music downloads to my MP3 player - files are transferred but become 'protected' so will not play. Is there a solution?

  PaulB2005 14:48 08 Jan 2007

If downloaded from iTunes they will only work on an iPod.

  geanne 14:51 08 Jan 2007

No, I didn't download from itunes.

  baldtaco 18:24 08 Jan 2007

record again. "if you can hear it, you can record it" click here

  geanne 23:10 09 Jan 2007

Thanks for your suggestions but neither seem to apply to my problem! I have downloaded to my computer first - they play fine on computer, but when I copy to MP3 Player, no data is transferred - just the title!

  johnnyrocker 23:16 09 Jan 2007

what method of copying are you using?


  Totally-braindead 23:17 09 Jan 2007

It could be that wherever you copied the music from it is either not MP3 so not compatible with your MP3 player or its some form of copy protection and you are only allowed to use it on the device it was downloaded to. To stop you copying it again.
Suggest you contact whatever website it was you got the music off, or look in their FAQs.

  Kate B 23:27 09 Jan 2007

Where did the tunes come from? And what's your MP3 player? Sounds like issues with DRM and/or compatibility.

  rodriguez 00:02 10 Jan 2007

It could be DRM but some MP3s have issues with compression problems. They'll play on some PC media players (such as Winamp) then won't play on others such as Windows Media Player (goes orange in the playlist with a ! sign and skips to the next track). This is the same with MP3 players - mine's an iRiver and usually plays anything I give it, but some are just strange and won't play and usually skip to the next track. It probably needs to be opened with an audio editing program and converted again to MP3 to correct it. Or you could burn them to CD then rip them back as MP3.

  Strawballs 00:19 10 Jan 2007

I would do as rodriguez has suggested, burn to CD then rip back to pc as mp3 format using WMP.

  geanne 19:07 10 Jan 2007

Success! Thanks everyone for your help - all I had to do was burn to CD and rip back to WMP - (kept them as WMA files) then transfer to MP3 Player (perhaps I could have done it direct from CD to MP3 Player?). Anyway - all is o.k. now and I have learned a lot today!

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