Copying data files to CD-RW

  pamled55 20:38 10 Jan 2003
  pamled55 20:38 10 Jan 2003

Help! I'm trying to copy some files (mainly Word and Excel) to a CD-RW using Ahead Nero software.

Each time I try, I get the message "SCSI/ATAPI command time out error" after about 2 minutes and no files get copied.

Please point an admitted novice in the right direction.


  Paranoid Android 20:47 10 Jan 2003

Are you using CDR disks or CDRW ?


  Stuartli 20:50 10 Jan 2003

ARe you copying to back them up?

If so, use a CD-R in Start New Multisession mode.

Use Nero Express or Nero to choose Data disk creation (or CD-ROM ISO and then ISO 966) in ISO tab's Character Set), create a New file/folder name and then drag whichever files you wish to copy into it from the righthand panel into the left.

Each time you want to add files, select Continue Multission Mode, open the file/folder and drag files across again. This will add them on each successive occasion until the disk is full.

It's best to use a CD-R as they are more reflective, therefore they are easier to read for your CD/DVD-ROM drive (if you have one).

But make sure you allow the disk to complete the full burning routine after copying the files.

It may also help to read the Nero Help pages (I downloaded them and added them to the Nero folder).

  Stuartli 20:53 10 Jan 2003

Make sure you mark a CD-R's label with "Multisession" mode, otherwise you'll forget, if you do as I suggest...:-)

  Stuartli 20:56 10 Jan 2003

Your question is answered in the thread's title and the posting....:-)

  Paranoid Android 21:00 10 Jan 2003

Not so Stuart - the reference to CDRW in the title could easily mean 'CDRW device'. I have come across many instances of people trying to copy onto CDRW disks without using packet writing software such as Nero INCD - hence my question.


  pamled55 18:34 11 Jan 2003

Thanks guys!

I am trying to write to CD-Rewritable discs and would prefer to do so. Does this alter any of your advice?

  Stuartli 18:49 11 Jan 2003

Using a (multisession) CD-R is still more reliable than CD-RW media for the reasons given earlier.

Paranoid Android

Fully agree. That's why I prefer to use the term rewriter; it ovecomes any possibility of doubt as to whether it is the rewriter or the media that is being described.

However the title does say copying to CD-RW, not copying with a CD-RW....:-)

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