Copying CD's with only one player

  derbytrader 14:53 05 Jun 2003

following from my last post about CDRW I will be getting one hopefully fairly soon. With my crappy Tiny PC there is of course no room for the existing CD/DVDROM. I would like to copy some of my audio CD's, but will there be any way to do that with only my 'new' CDRW installed?

  fitshase 14:55 05 Jun 2003

There are a number of ways to do it. Normally, in a CD burning software, there is an option which will create a copy of the CD in your drive onto your hard drive and then you put the blank CD into the drive and it will burn the CD.

It all stems from before the days of cheap CD-ROMs and CD writers.



  leo49 14:56 05 Jun 2003

Certainly - rip them to your HDD and then burn.For quality and control,it's the best way to do it no matter how many drives you've got.


  Stuartli 15:55 05 Jun 2003

If you use Nero it can be configured to copy the tracks from your rewriter to your hard drive using the audio disk.

It will then eject the audio disk and request the insertion of the CD-R media in its place.

The burning of the files will then be commenced and, when the disk's finishing sequence has been completed, the rewriter will reveal the CD-R to save you the trouble of pushing the eject button...:-)

  barrie_g 17:06 05 Jun 2003

Nero as default writes an image of what you are wanting to burn to your hard-drive, then as Stuartli says it ejects the disk and asks you to insert a blank to write to.

  DieSse 17:46 05 Jun 2003

Easy CD Creator can do the same thing. As can probably most if not all of the main CD writing programs. You will probably get some software with the drive, which will do what you want.

  derbytrader 19:39 05 Jun 2003

thanks for all your responses - all I have to do now is go out and get one

  duckers 20:00 05 Jun 2003

The one, The Only, CLONECD !!!!!!
I would seriously recommend it..
It can copy @90% of copy protections given the right CD writer drive, is fast and VERY easy to use.... It has the option to create an 'Image' of the CD then burn that back to CD, hence you only need one drive.
It simply does 1:1 copies of your discs no questions asked.

On the subject of writers THEY ARE NOT ALL EQUAL,,,, if your budget can stretch get a LiteOn 52x24x52 , theyre easily one of the best writers and you can get them for 40 quid here:
click here..

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