Copying CDS to my MP3 player....

  herc182 09:17 01 Mar 2004

I am so at the moment. i have 3 CD's that are copyrighted and i cant copy them to my MP3 player.
they have their own media player in them so that they cant be copied using WMP. is there a program out there that will alow me to copy them onto my hard drive?



The cds are alicia keyes, red hot chilli peppers and michael jacksons number ones....

  Diodorus Siculus 09:21 01 Mar 2004

Get something like Audacity from and play the CD using their media player. Use Audacity to record each track. It will then export as an MP3 file.

Longwinded but works.

  herc182 09:38 01 Mar 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus. Will give that a shot.
Any other suggestions are welcome.

  herc182 13:44 01 Mar 2004

is soundstream free? i have roxio easy CD creator. is it in there? cant remember what version i have though.


  herc182 15:13 01 Mar 2004

cheers kate B.
Will have a look tonight.

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