Copying CDs

  LeedsLass 11:41 08 Apr 2006

I just got a new CD and wanted to copy it so I have a copy for the car and a copy for in the house. However, when I came to copy it Nero says that it can't (pressumably there is some sort of restriction on it so it can't be copied illegally - but I just want a copy for my car!!).

Is there any software program (pref free) that will allow me to copy it?

  LeedsLass 14:43 08 Apr 2006

It's ok I've managed it on my own

  Diemmess 18:18 08 Apr 2006

I'm fairly sure that back in the days when floppies, (lots of them) were needed to install a program, some makers, not Microsoft, encouraged making copies "for safety" by the licenced owner.

Microsoft to give them the credit, would post replacement floppys provided you could picture scan the original disk or quote various serial numbers on the original floppy.
In fact I was sent the full version of Word 6 because I had a failed disk and Microsoft had no more "upgrade" disks in stock.

CDs (when factory made) are very durable and the need for that sort of friendliness has now disappeared.

  mammak 22:00 08 Apr 2006

The issue regarding copy write is somewhat unclear to your every day user
Going on my own experience I have come across these issues on down loading
legal paid for tracks from a legitimate music site in my case (mycokemusic) on downloading to my hard drive I should be able to make a copy of the music to either cd or removable storage example my mp3 player (in case my hard drive fails and then my music is gone to) but having these rights has still caused me a major problem WMP 10 will with the DRM will not let me do this so basically my music is stuck on my pc with no back up that can not be right, if I bought a cd then fair play “excuse the pun” I know I will not be able to make a legal copy of this but surely downloading to my pc should allow to make a copy??

  Stuartli 10:29 09 Apr 2006

I recall a couple of years ago when one of the record companies produced a new type of copyrighted audio CDs.

Some of these refused to play on CD/DVD-ROM drives (no doubt to prevent them being copied); it was ruled that customers had every right to either have a refund or the non-copyright version of a disk.

  Stuartli 13:25 09 Apr 2006

>>I know ways of overcoming every copy protection system that is available at the moment.>>

I recall saying pretty much the same thing in the thread that I mentioned earlier and that, for obvious reasons, I had no intention of revealing the methods.

  mammak 20:15 09 Apr 2006

That is what the FQA on My coke Music said I had the rights to do but WMP10 wont allow it I had, have no intention of even trying to crack copyright only to make a backup of music that is trapped on my PC that I have paid for.

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