Copying CDs

  [DELETED] 22:45 13 Dec 2003

Can you do this with a combination CD/DVD drive or must you have separate drives?

  [DELETED] 22:48 13 Dec 2003

If the combo drive is also a burner then, yes. If it is just a CDR/DVD drive then you will need a CDRW for audio/data & a DVD [various formats] for DVD/data


  woodchip 22:48 13 Dec 2003

just put a disc in that you want to copy choose copy it will copy to hard drive then it will tell you to put a blank cd in

  LastChip 22:50 13 Dec 2003

You can do it with a single drive. Just use the copy program on your DVD/CD software.

It will ask you for the source CD first, copy the contents to a temporary file and then burn the new disc.

However, if the CD you want to copy is protected, the program may refuse to copy the disc.

  [DELETED] 23:53 13 Dec 2003

It is just that I am currently looking at new PCs for my Dad and the one he fancies has a combination CD/DVD drive. Being new, I assume the CD element will be a burner. This way, he can get a smaller tower.

  LastChip 00:05 14 Dec 2003

There are DVD PLAYERS on the market, and if this PC is being promoted at a "price" it could be just that in order to save cost.

  [DELETED] 11:54 14 Dec 2003

What is it they say about assumption being the mother of all (mistakes)??

Check first!

Also Combo drives seem to be less reliable in the long run...

  [DELETED] 13:15 15 Dec 2003

All PCs by the major makers have CD burners. This one is by Evesham, priced at £1299.00, so I would imagine it is pretty much "cutting-edge"?

  [DELETED] 13:28 15 Dec 2003

A fair assumption, but check to be sure.

  Stuartli 14:40 15 Dec 2003

If it's just able to play CDs or DVDs then it will be listed as a DVD-ROM drive - if you see CD/DVD/CD-RW drive then it will be a combo.

Better to have a DVD-ROM drive for playing audio CDs, DVDs and installing software and a standalone CD-RW (or DVD-RW) rewriter; rewriters are not especially robust in terms of life span, so should only be used for their main purpose i.e. burning.

If you use Nero, it will control the operation of both drives, which will become apparent if you use the HDD image method of copying.

  [DELETED] 22:13 15 Dec 2003

can a DVD-ROM install software? I thought it was only for playing DVDs?

According to PCA, we should now be looking for a DVD writer as, apparently, these are replacing CD-RW for backing up files, having a much greater capacity. As I still use Zip drives, I know nothing about burning CDs. To be honest, I was put off by a reponse in HELPLINE in PCA which said CD-R could not be used for reinstalling files. If this is so, what is the point of them?

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