copying to cd

  [email protected] 14:52 10 Mar 2010

Hi I am running office beta 2010 and I am trying to copy files to cd all i get is (Target cannot handle this type of document) any help very much appreciated, OS system XP Pro service pack 3

  Technotiger 15:03 10 Mar 2010

How are you trying to copy the files, and what type of CD are you using?

  [email protected] 15:17 10 Mar 2010

Hi Technotiger I am using pc-line 8-12x speed and just using xp own copy from my computer

  oldbeefer3 15:19 10 Mar 2010

Try using right click and Send To...

  [email protected] 15:19 10 Mar 2010

re-read responce type of cd sony

  [email protected] 15:22 10 Mar 2010

hi oldbeefer3 right click does not list d as an option

  Technotiger 15:26 10 Mar 2010

I meant, are you trying the copy/paste route, or drag-n-drop? 'cos this will not work unless you use a CDRW Disc formatted to use like a floppy. Or, a program, such as Nero.

  oldbeefer3 15:29 10 Mar 2010

Odd - if I right click (say) a word file and then Send To one of the options is the 'D' drive.

  [email protected] 15:32 10 Mar 2010

i select files to copy from my documents click copy option from menu on left then select D from options box

  [email protected] 15:37 10 Mar 2010

thanks oldbeefer3 i know what you mean i have just tried that on some pics files and still no d option

  Sea Urchin 15:53 10 Mar 2010

Whose allan?

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