copying cassette to pc with audiolava but where does it place files?

  SANAP 17:14 18 Apr 2012

a friend of mine has a silvercrest usb cassette to pc/laptop digital converter but recently he is getting the message, not enough space on c;. Its an acer laptop and does have a d drive with 32gb so I have set it up for him to use that drive.

However, I am curious as to how the software stores the digital audio files, the process is simple play tape press record, press stop and file is on PC. Then you can clean sound, pops crackles etc and then you can either burn to cd or save as mp3, or wav. All fine so far but when you close the package it asks " are you sure all data will be lost" My q is where does it store the file for copying or burning? Is it in a temp file or in memory? You cant save the project file.


  Woolwell 17:41 18 Apr 2012

I don't use this software but have you looked under program files and the softwares name.

  SANAP 17:57 18 Apr 2012

yes, i actually installed it on f drive, i think they use image files and that is just deleted on exit.

thanks for reply.

the reason i ask is that his acer laptop c drive is showing full but i cant find any big files and apparently its a vista thing as i googled as well.


  Terry Brown 19:47 18 Apr 2012

When you friend edits the audio files and is asked to save them (as MP3 ?), yu should have the option to save to a drive /folder of your own choice, I suspect it stores them in My Documents /music.

If your C drive is full, it is possibly full of document files (music-Video etc). to cure this do the following.

First select a drive where you plenty of room and create a folder called (E.G. personal folders).

From Desktop RIGHT click on My Documents and select properties. Change the default to the new destination Select MOVE

This will move all your documents to the new folder and all future documents will be automaticly transferred.

The desktop will still have the pointer (shortcut) showing as normal.


  SANAP 22:31 18 Apr 2012

thank you will do that. And apparently windows Vista saves loads of restore points so if I delete these as well he should be ok.


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