Copying an authorised DVD to Ready To Play format

  collinsc 10:46 12 May 2018


A company has put all of our old family films on to a DVD for us. The DVD is not copyright protected, so i can create copies.

I have copied all of the files on to DVD successfully (using my laptops burner) and i can see executable icons in the files that if opening i can then view the main menu, which then gives me options to play the 4 videos on the disc. e.g.VIDEOTS, VTS010, VTS011, VTS020, VTS021 etc... (up to VTS041)

However, i would like to create it as Ready To Play. So when i give someone a copy they dont need to double click on files and instead the menu comes up.

Can anyone help on how i can do this?

Many thanks

  [DELETED] 12:16 12 May 2018

Have a look here . Most probably you will need to register and you will get a small amount of spam but Ashampoo are a decent company and you can always unsubscribe.

  collinsc 14:57 12 May 2018

thanks very much, i'll give it a go

  collinsc 14:59 12 May 2018

ive just read, on that link, that it isnt good for VIDEO_TS files- i would need to upgrade. "The only weak spot is movies, because the program can only burn video DVDs and Blu-rays from a VIDEO_TS (or similar) source folder. But you can fix that - and add a few other features - by upgrading to the full commercial edition, Ashampoo Burning 108."

  [DELETED] 15:17 12 May 2018

Sorry about that. Didn't notice.

  collinsc 15:32 12 May 2018

no problem at all! i tried burning just the VIDEOTS file to disc (VIDEOTS_IFO) as that is the file that shows the menu from which you can then play all four films. I knew it was a long shot as i was pretty sure it would need the other files to connect to. Just doing trial and error at moment. NB: There is also a VIDEOTS_VOB file.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:56 12 May 2018

Assuming the original DVD plays as oon as you insert into a player or PC then click here Disc needs to be finalised before it will play in any other machine than the one its burnt on.


  [DELETED] 16:46 12 May 2018

I have the free version of Ashampoo's 2016 Burning Studio which was now difficult to find. Some of the options in this version,

This version I found a site with working Ashampoo links, click here , if you fancy trying it.

  Bris 17:29 12 May 2018

If all you want to do is create copies of the original then create an ISO copy of the DVD then burn the ISO to DVD as many times as you like.

This will do the job.

  collinsc 17:59 12 May 2018

thank you everyone - will give the above a go.

  collinsc 21:20 12 May 2018

i have downloaded ashampoo and have attempted the burn.unfortunately there were errors - ive listed some of the errors below - perhaps someone can help me understand what the issue is. There are more errors for each file BUP, IFO, VOB - and for various files e.g. VTS020, up to VTS041 (which i believe represents the 4 individual films that appear on the menu)

20:57:08: Preparation started 20:57:08: Starting track analysis 20:57:08: An error occurred while accessing a file. 20:57:08: E:\DVD\VIDEOTS\VIDEOTS.BUP 20:57:08: Incorrect function.

20:57:08: An error occurred while accessing a file. 20:57:08: E:\DVD\VIDEOTS\VIDEOTS.IFO 20:57:08: Incorrect function.

20:57:08: An error occurred while accessing a file. 20:57:08: E:\DVD\VIDEOTS\VIDEOTS.VOB 20:57:08: Incorrect function.

re the splash image/menu screen, i may not have explained too well. the company who created the DVD for me also created the menu - so that already exists.

the option in ashampoo i selected was: Create/Burn > Movie> Video DVD from Folder.

after processing i put it in my DVD player and it said the DVD could not be played.


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