copying audio tapes to cd-rom

  [DELETED] 22:11 05 Dec 2003

I have some audio tapes made by children in my class and would like to transfer them onto a cd instead. Can this be done and if so what equipment will I need?
All advice is greatly appreciated.

  [DELETED] 22:59 05 Dec 2003


What burning software do you have with your c\d burner. Nero, roxio?

If you have roxio then it should have a separate section called sound stream. This will convert and clean up slightly the sound from the tape.

To transfer the audio, you would need a jack plug and lead from the tape player to audio input into the back of the sound card. It just plugs in like a headphone socket. You do not have to open the case.

If you do not have roxio, then there are lots of free programmes on the web that should do the same.

  beeuuem 23:20 05 Dec 2003

Many guides relate to recording vinyl to CD, the principles are the same for audio tape.
A search for 'tape' and 'cd' or 'vinyl' and 'cd' on the site search will throw up a number of threads.

click here

click here provide some useful information.

Most burning software includes a means of recording and editing the input from a tape player/ turntable. You will need a lead from the player to the PC 'line in' socket. These are readily available from computer shops or click here under soundcard cables

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