Copying Audio CD'S

  gudda96 13:38 06 Dec 2003

Burning problem with EZCD

I have used both Nero and EZCD in the past.
I have copied data/progs.
I have copied audio cd's.
I have/still adding photoes from paper to cd and digicam to cd.
I have backed up pc progs to cd.

What I have done this week (as I have laid off for a while) is copy 2 cd's that I bought, and I went this route........
Disk Copier
Scource & Destination Tab
You must go to Advanced tab & c/o test & copy? if so, is the printscreen settings the same as mine and do you see the test or results?(attachment)

Make a music cd
Select scource (in my case, disk)
Add all
See tracks transfer to other window
Press record
I think you are asked to finalize on left also.

Make a music cd
Music cd project (middle)
Select scource
Choose tracks (in my case, normally all)

This week I have copied (twice) using (1)and all was well except for a VERY SHORT burst of static
on each recording on DIFFERENT TRACKS. ALL progs were turned off using EIA.

This week I have copied once using (2) and all was well WITHOUT any static.

I have not copied using (3) this week although I have done before but I will try it today.

I have tried to lay this out precisely so no confusion is caused, I hope I have not forgotten anything but the only way I think a EZCD user can help is to lay out in a similar way, the method they use, including info on speed, buffer run etc etc, all the bits I dont understand. Phew!!!going for a coffee after all that.

Any suggestions please w98se/256ram/cd-wr


  Diodorus Siculus 00:05 22 Nov 2004

Try deepburner - a free program from

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