Copying Audio CD

  Pesala 19:28 21 Feb 2003

I want to make more copies of an Audio CD. There is no problem with copyright as long as it is given away and not sold.

I made about 18 copies onto CD-R, but each one took about 20 minutes, copying from DVD drive to CD-RW. Is there any way to speed this process up by making a disk image on my Hard Drive?

Windows Explorer reveals Tracksxx.cda where xx is 01 to 14. Each one is reports as only 1K, which cannot be right, but Adaptec CD copier works fine.

I use Windows ME. My CD-RW is a Samsung SW-212 with maximum 8x write speed.

  mikef™ 19:37 21 Feb 2003

I'm sorry Pesala but even giving them away for free is illegal. I quote from the copyright on one of my CD's "Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting is prohibited."

  leo49 19:37 21 Feb 2003

The .cda file size business IS correct as .cda are not true file types - they're merely the way Windows labels them so as to be able to work with them - thus the file size refers to the shortcut which is how Windows sees them.

I know nothing of Adaptec but Nero can create an image file so I would have thought Adaptec would have something similar - failing that rip the CD to your HDD as .wav and then burn from there.


  leo49 19:39 21 Feb 2003

Please don't jump to conclusions - you don't even know if it's a commercial CD - it could well be a CD of his or a friend's band.

  matt5705 19:41 21 Feb 2003

from media player and changing the file type to cda (cd player format)

  Pesala 19:44 21 Feb 2003

The CD is Buddhist Protection Chanting produced by a Temple in Malaysia. It clearly says on the sleeve and on the last track of the CD that it may be reproduced to share merit with all beings.

If you want a copy, send me a blank CD-R and a stamped, return addressed envelope. This offer is not unlimited, just in case I get inundated.

  mikef™ 19:47 21 Feb 2003

leo49 true but it was said if it is given away NOT SOLD there is no copyright problems, if it is his own personal CD I apologise but if it is a commercial CD my comment holds true.

  Ronnie-323427 19:47 21 Feb 2003

mikef™ & Pesala
I think you will find that he is copying commercial CD`s or he wouldn`t justify it by saying he`s giving them away.

  Macaonasa 19:50 21 Feb 2003


I have Easy CD 4 and you can make a CD image onto your hard drive by going to File/Create CD Image.

  Pesala 19:55 21 Feb 2003

The speed was overwhelming. I am currently using Media Player to play the CD at the same time as copying it to my Hard Drive. I guess I shall then be able to play it without the CD.

I shall try the CD creator route too. I suspect that that is the right way to go.

Thanks everybody, even mikef™, it is important to respect copyright.

  Stuartli 20:00 21 Feb 2003

If you use Nero to copy using the image method (i.e. from the HDD) you can stipulate how many copies you require; after that the HDD file is erased.

This is also the reason why you should defrag regularly if you copy using this method.

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