Radiofan 17:54 31 Mar 2006

I have a number of audio cassettes that I would like to transform into CDs. Can anyone recommend a programme (not too expensive) that will allow me to couple my hi-fi to my computer and make copies?

  Stuartli 18:00 31 Mar 2006


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Easy CD Creater or Nero can be used to burn to disks.

  smokingbeagle 19:19 31 Mar 2006

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Easy to use interface. The Line-out from your Hi-fi (phono sockets usually) connects to the Line-in of your sound card (3.5mm stereo jack usually).
Simple, though you may need to buy the cable. Try Maplins order codes L32BA or L33BA

  Radiofan 19:23 31 Mar 2006

Thanks guys - I'll follow these ideas up - more are welcome!

  CLONNEN 19:49 31 Mar 2006

Personally I use a little Audio Cassette Walkman with a simple basic audio cable (3.5in jack at both ends). One end connects to the headphone socket on the Walkman, the other end connects to my Microphone socket on the front of my computer. (The Line In socket just wouldn't record any sound at all - even though it is supposed to).

The software program I used was Audacity - I chose this because it was free and also because it was the only program I could find a Step-by-Step tutorial for on Google.

  hzhzhz 19:52 31 Mar 2006

Polderbits,dead easy.As smokingbeagle says, 2x phono to stereo jack line in and your'e away. Its the way I do it. Simple.

  ruskle 19:53 31 Mar 2006

I use exactly the same system as CLONNEN and the little Sony Walkman takes up very little space on the desk. I have finished copying all mine now ( about 100) but it takes a long time as you have play each one all through, not like copying a CD.

  Wak 20:56 31 Mar 2006

Hi, If you have Nero and Nero Wave Editor then you have all you need.
Does this help?
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  Radiofan 21:41 31 Mar 2006

Thanks again guys - all most helpful.

  dogbreath1 22:02 31 Mar 2006

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