Copying answers to threads

  Compulearner 21:34 16 Aug 2003

Hi All
Can anyone advise as to how I can copy to my hard drive, an answer or dicussions to a thread and be able to go to the link "click here"

  powerless 21:38 16 Aug 2003


Well just click the "click here" and you can go to it.

To copy the link. Right click the "click here" and choose, Copy shortcut.

  Compulearner 21:53 16 Aug 2003


sorry if it seems a daft question I'll try to be more explicit,
At the moment if I see a thread discussion that I want to save for future reference I right click and copy, then open a Word doc and select save as... in my docs, but when I go to read the discussions if there is a "click here" reference it will not allow me to visit that site hope this makes sense cause I'm getting myself confused now

  powerless 22:03 16 Aug 2003

What version of word are using? If i try it i simply have to press Ctrl and click the click here and it takes me to the web site.

  Alan2 22:08 16 Aug 2003

Why not just select all the text - in this case from "Hi All . . . . to . . . . . . web site." using the cursor then press ctrl+C (ie copy).

Open Word then do ctrl+V (ie paste) and all postings will appear.

  Eastender 22:09 16 Aug 2003

Go 'File' > 'Save As' and you will save it as a web page, links included.

  Compulearner 22:13 16 Aug 2003


using Office xp pro
have just tried your suggestion and it works a treat
Thanks... for your help and prompt reply

  Compulearner 22:17 16 Aug 2003

Alan2 & Eastender

Have just seen your answers thankyou also for your replies and help

  woodchip 22:18 16 Aug 2003

After you have saved the file, go to the link in the thread in forum copy the address at the top by highlighting it then right click and copy. Then open the saved file highlight the click hear and past the saved address into the saved file and resave. The pasted Address should change colour it changes to blue in WordPerfect

  krypt1c 22:19 16 Aug 2003

Just go to file > quick save [or hit F7 key]
This will save it in My Documents folder

  Compulearner 22:21 16 Aug 2003

Cheers Guys
You've all been a great help

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