Copying ALicia Keyes

  herc182 09:11 10 Mar 2004

I am trying to copy this CD onto my HDD (it is my CD!). I put it into the CD player, and attempt to copy it using windows media player.
It starts recording (all the tracks appear) and 12% into the first song it crashes and i cant record.
anyone know what it could be?
I think the CD is copy protected.

  herc182 13:31 10 Mar 2004

It does say its copy protected. I am not a thieving gypsy who is trying to "Illegally copy" my own CD onto my HDD to put onto my MP3 player. I understand that this forum does not promote the use of cracks, but i just want to copy my damn CD onto my HDD.

It is frustrating to have a CD and not be able to put it onto my mp3 player.

Thank you for your help anyway. I think i will just memorise the CD and negating the need to copy it onto my MP3 player. No copyright laws infringed upon (or is there?!)

  rickf 13:42 10 Mar 2004

There is a way but you have to take the initiative.

  Forum Editor 17:50 10 Mar 2004

in the same way we don't condone breaking the speed limit. Both are good laws, and both are broken thousands of times a day.

We're here to help with problems, but I'm quite sure anyone with a grain of understanding will appreciate why I can't (and won't) subscribe to any form of illegal copying of a protected CD. There are ways of doing it, of course there are, but we're not going to discuss them here.

Nobody from the music publisher would dream of prosecuting you for copying a CD to your hard drive for your own entertainment herc182, but you'll understand how difficult it is to distinguish between doing it with that purpose in mind and doing it with the intention of distributing the music via a P2P file sharing network. We have to make an assumption, and unfortunately that assumption has to be that you're planning some dastardly crime against the music publisher. I know you're not, but you see what I mean don't you?

  herc182 11:54 11 Mar 2004

i understand your stance and agree with it. just very annoying to be in the situation!

thanks for your help people

  Stuartli 14:08 11 Mar 2004

The vast majority of audio CDs are copy protected and some, like the latest from BMG and its associates, require a small CD player utility to be installed from the CD to allow play on a computer system whilst, at the same time, prevent copying.

However, it's absolutely no secret that there is no way that copying can be prevented by such measures but, as with earlier postings above, I have no intention of revealing how it could be achieved in the case of the BMG releases.

It's basically very simple and there would be no question of "cracks" etc being used.

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