Copy Youtube videos to DVD

  Grandad99 00:56 13 Sep 2013

I want to copy some Youtube music videos onto a DVD for a non computerised friend. Basic Realplayer downloads them but that's all. This is a one-off exercise and I don't want to pay for the upmarket Realplayer if there is a free or cheaper programme available.

Is there?

  BT 17:39 14 Sep 2013


Re: Unwanted software. Its a fact of life that much free software carries various other stuff with it, toolbars are a favourite it seems. You just have to go carefully and make sure you untick anything you don't want. Even CCLeaner has options to install various things including I think a toolbar.


YTD has had a number of updates in recent months and you need to keep up with them as it sometimes won't work correctly. It seems Youtube keeps making changes that it has to keep up with.

  hastelloy 18:10 14 Sep 2013


I am aware of this and am always careful to read "the small print" and untick any thing I don't want. In this instance I wasn't given the choice.

  bumpkin 19:16 14 Sep 2013

marvin42, I no longer download anything via Cnet for exactly the reasons you have given. If enough others follow then maybe they will have to change their misleading site.

  Grandad99 22:42 14 Sep 2013

Thanks everyone. Downloaded .Net v4 and it's done the trick. Got the Delta toolbar but deleted it so no problem.

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