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Copy Youtube videos to DVD

  Grandad99 00:56 13 Sep 2013

I want to copy some Youtube music videos onto a DVD for a non computerised friend. Basic Realplayer downloads them but that's all. This is a one-off exercise and I don't want to pay for the upmarket Realplayer if there is a free or cheaper programme available.

Is there?

  BT 07:53 13 Sep 2013

The Free version of YouTube Downloader will download and convert them to suitable formats for copying to DVD.

My wife uses it all the time to download and save clips of her favourite actors.

YouTube Downloader

  hastelloy 08:38 13 Sep 2013

Just a word of warning. I have just downloaded from BT's link and I ended up with Delta Toolbar (without being asked) which completely changed my browser settings (again without asking). When opening my browser WOT gave a severe warning on the new homepage.

  Daiol 12:02 13 Sep 2013

Try this it's good and easy to use also free.

click here

  Grandad99 15:38 13 Sep 2013

Thanks both.

BT, I've installed Youtube downloader but trying to open it get a message that I need to install.CNET "and contact your publisher to find which version"

As I can't open the program how do I contact the publisher? I've looked at the user forum but there is no Registration facility, only a Sign in which needs a password.

  chub_tor 18:07 13 Sep 2013

I've been using YTD as suggested by BT for over a year now, great little programme, can't say that I remember any problems with browser changing or with CNET but I downloaded direct from the YTD site and not from CNET. Grandad99 where did you download from?

  Grandad99 18:26 13 Sep 2013

I downloaded from the TYD site. Just realised that it's .NET Framework V4 that I need. Looking at the Microsoft downloads for this it seems to be for developing apps.

  chub_tor 10:06 14 Sep 2013

Like most long term PC users I have all the .NET variants installed as along the way I have garnered various programmes that need them. They do get updated regularly by Microsoft and quite frankly they are a pain in the backside as they all seem to take ages to download and install. If you just want v4 then you can get it from here but be prepared for a wait while it downloads and installs and may even need an update to 4.5 afterwards.

However I still think that YTD is a cracking programme, I only use the free version and the download speed is still not bad.

  hastelloy 13:52 14 Sep 2013


I wasn't saying anything against the software - just warning that the download brought unwanted software with it - i.e. Delta toolbar.

  chub_tor 15:30 14 Sep 2013

marvin42 it's so long ago since I downloaded the programme that I honestly can't remember if I got any unwanted software with it or not; sorry to hear that the latest download from the home site does so now.

  hastelloy 17:36 14 Sep 2013

chub_tor I'm afraid it's becoming all too common these days!

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