Copy of XP operating system

  porkpiepete 13:55 15 Jun 2010

Is it possible to make a copy of my XP Operating system as it is now. It is running the most efficient that it ever has done before, has service pack 3 and all updates. I know it will only be as of today and will require updates if i reinstall ever. The XP disk i have is nearly 5 years old and when i have used it previously, for some reason does not install video or audio drivers. So i was hoping to be able to make a clone of it as it is today. I will be back on tonight to see if any one can help me with this. Thanks in advance for any help.

  Technotiger 13:59 15 Jun 2010

Yes, using something like Acronis True Image, you could make an Image or Clone of your hard drive to an external hard drive.

  gengiscant 14:06 15 Jun 2010

This is free and very here

  Batch 16:03 15 Jun 2010

Acronis and Easeus are good products, but they are primarily aimed at making images of entire disk partitions. So if you have your system set up as a single partition (e.g. C: containing OS, pgms, data etc.), then the image would contain all of that and a restore of the image would put everything back as it was at the time the image was made. So if you were to restore, you might want to back up all your data before doing the restore (so that you could then fold the latest data back in to the restored image).

Also, the image could be pretty big.

  porkpiepete 21:53 15 Jun 2010

Thanks Technotiger, gengiscant and Batch. Ill try those suggestions.

  robin_x 22:52 15 Jun 2010

W7 makes an image and optional boot CD.

In spite of using XP for 10 years, I made DVD backups, I can't remember making an image.

But I do it now.

Search for Backup and Restore. But 'Restore' is not what you want.

Everybody says 'keep your data and apps separate from your OS'

I have now done this. Use 'Partition Wizard' (free)

Make another drive. Shrink your c drive to double minimum. ie my my W7 is 12gb on a 250gb drive.
I reduced it to 60gb for the meantime. May reduce it further.

Created G:\ with the rest. WindowsSystemImage to that (copy of c drive, factory install, uninstalled the rubbish)

Then made some images as I reinstalled my apps.

Used EASEUS Todo Backup, and Seagate Disc Wizard (Acronis OEM). You need to have a Seagate drive somewhere to use DW.
Mine is an external 500GB. £50 from Currys, PC World, Tesco.

I have Compag Recovery Partition
I also have a factory image.
I have a day to day image.

And I mad boot CDs

All my data is backed up. Export IE bookmarks.
Firefox, use Mozbackup.

Outlook and Thunderbird, back them up.

It's all good fun but does take a while.
(Images of drives about 30 mins now)

  porkpiepete 21:39 24 Jul 2010

Thanks robinofloxley, much appreciated.

  Strawballs 21:51 24 Jul 2010

With Acronis you can backup to external or even a seperate internal as the acronis disc is bootable and will look for Acronis images to backup from you can also do incremental backups periodically as well so it will then add anything new sinse last backup.

  rdave13 21:57 24 Jul 2010

An alternative to Acronis; click here

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