Copy VHS video tape to PC

  InCog 15:53 22 Aug 2003

All I want to do is copy extracts from VHS tapes onto my PC so that I can use them in Powerpoint presentations to my pupils. I don't want to watch TV on my PC. I bought a Packard Bell PCI TV card but there are big software issues relating to XP. I got it to work but found the AVI files huge (900mb for three minutes). I tried using Windows Movie Player (much smaller files) instead of the dedicated software but the sound was often out of sync with the picture on playback.

So I took it back to PC World and was advised to buy Hauppage's Win TV GO instead but the software is even worse. It has no counter, so you have to keep your own record of the length of recording. It has no dedicated playback, so you have to use third party software to playback and it has no compression software - they recommend 'Virtual dub'.

Is there any video capture device and software out there, designed solely to capture analogue or digital tape to a PC, without the TV facility?

  Ben Avery 16:34 22 Aug 2003

Pinnacle Studio Software.

Have various ranges for all types of capturing solution AV DV etc.


  InCog 17:27 22 Aug 2003

Cheers. I'll give it a look.

  tenaka 17:29 22 Aug 2003

click here

Check here for help on conversion. Best to copy to as raw as poss to reduce loss of frame or quality. Then convert to portable format giving you control over how much quality or frames you wish to lose.

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