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  curlylad 16:04 30 Sep 2004

I have a purchased copy of WIN XP , as many of my CD's get damaged , broken , scratched , lost etc etc I wish to burn a copy of this for safety reasons.I have the hardware and software to perform this operation but the CD is copyrighted.When I try to copy it , it says I cannot copy it as it is copyrighted , how do I get around this ?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 17:41 30 Sep 2004

my best suggestion would be to buy yourself a sturdy cd rack or wallet to store your cds in so as they dont get damaged in the first place

i think you will find that site policy will not allow discussion on the copying of copyright material

  curlylad 17:55 30 Sep 2004

I understand , but the reason I am asking is for purely legitimate reasons . Apart from the fact that it is completely legal to do what I am suggesting I wish as I said to do this for emergency/safety reasons.Most of us back up all our software and spend ages making sure that virus's etc dont destroy our precious software/programs , this is just another way of making sure that no matter what happens to my PC , perhaps completely destroyed in a fire for example (pray never), that I dont have to pay for another CD-ROM of XP !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 30 Sep 2004

'Apart from the fact that it is completely legal to do what I am suggesting'... in the States, yes. In the UK there is NO legal right to make a backup copy which is why getting an answer here may be difficult.


  Spark6 18:39 30 Sep 2004

Could someone explain the legal difference between copying the XP OS and slipstreaming it with SP2.

Surely, the reason for slipstreaming is to enable a re-installation.

Responses awaited.

  Alan2 21:02 30 Sep 2004

I can't see any reason for not giving curlylad a straight answer. Surely no one can install WinXP from a copied CD and run it for more than 30 days as it won't pass the MS activation test.

Or, have I missed something somewhere?

  Djohn 21:51 30 Sep 2004

For your own use. I have made a copy of all my software including Microsoft's XP Pro. operating system and Office.

I have done this for my own personal use and to keep the original software CD in pristine condition.

Legal? I don't know. The label on the CD says "Do not make illegal copies of this disk" My copy for my own use is not illegal! Does that make it legal? Again, I don't know.

What I do know to be certain is that Microsoft customer services did not express any objections when I asked them about this during a phone call.

  CHAIRLEG 21:59 30 Sep 2004

On the licence agreement of Finding Nemo it states .TERMINATION.You may terminate this agreement at any time.Upon termination you shall destroy the software and the backup copy,if any,you made in pursuant of the agreement.THQ[UK] Limited.I know this is only a game but disks are prone to damage especially when kids get their hands in them, so if it,s for personal back up i don,t see the problem

  mole44 22:07 30 Sep 2004

my two peneth,moral of this tale curlylad look after your cd`s you even get cases to keep them if you don`t look after them then its your fault.

  Djohn 22:16 30 Sep 2004

mole44. It is not always due to being careless, I am very careful in everything I do but due to circumstances beyond my control, my CD's may get damaged and have been so on a couple of occasions. I can't cure my problem but with careful management I can reduce the risk.

Yes, it is possible and a wise thing to do. I suffer from quite severe osteo-arthritis and can be a little clumsy at times with all sorts of thing let alone CD's.

Last year when I spoke with Microsoft customer services over the phone I raised this very same question with them. They have no problems whatsoever with you making a copy of any and all of their software as long as it is for your sole use. This applies to retail version and OEM.

I have spent or had bought for me some very expensive programs. XP Operating system - Office 2003 professional - Publisher 2004 - Autoroute 2004 - Adobe elements - Drive image 7 and one or two other programs/applications.

The first thing I do is to make a copy of each CD as some of the programs consist of several CD's. I then put the original master CD's away in a safe place with the product key [If required] The copies are kept in their jewel cases on my workstation ready for use as required.

I've been very lucky so far but even so I have badly scratched one CD and cracked one other during the past couple of years. [Please take into account my condition and not me being deliberately careless] Immediate copies where then made from the masters. click here

  dan 11 22:24 30 Sep 2004

I fall into the 'have a spare copy camp'. I have made a copy of all my software disks over the years. Windows 98se, M.E.,and x\p. I also make back up copies of my office software. These cost me from £75 to £225 when new. There is no way I am going to loose these original disks by accident or carelessness and pay for new ones.

My view is that as long as don't lend or sell the copies for money, I am entitled to back them up. Mr. Bill Gates can come and get me if I am wrong.;-)

From the other point of view. How does say using an imaging software to back up all of your hard drive ( windows included ) in case of a bad crash or cloning one hard drive to another. Is this not coping via another method.

I have the cat, now where are the pigeons. lol

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