Copy single picture from DVD

  Grandad99 18:32 31 Jan 2014

I've been given a DVD of over 200 photos covering 70 years of a cycling club as a pre-progammed slide show in 4 chapters.

I want to copy some of the pictures for another magazine but can't find a way to do so. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

  rdave13 18:39 31 Jan 2014

If it's an auto run DVD try pressing the shift key after inserting the DVD in to the tray. Should stop it auto running. Open Computer or My PC depending on the OS then right click and select "open" only. You should now be able to browse the files and search for the picture you need.

  Grandad99 20:56 31 Jan 2014

Thanks, yes it is autorun so I tried the shift key but no joy

  rdave13 21:00 31 Jan 2014

Open tray, put DVD in tray, press Shift key and hold, close tray with shift key still pressed. It should not auto play then.

  Grandad99 23:29 01 Feb 2014

Holding down Shift when inserting the DVD seems to stop the DVD player from loading and it switches off.

VLC has done the trick.

Thanks both for your interest and help.

  rdave13 00:28 02 Feb 2014

Glad you're sorted but why your PC shuts down when you stop auto play is a mystery to me.

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