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  [DELETED] 18:42 16 Oct 2003

A friend of mine is in a band and recently we recorded them and put a few tracks on a CD, they are all cracking on a bit so they are not the next pop idols. Anyway they handed a few Cd's out for a few quid just to cover costs and low and behold someone innocently copied a disc and gave it to his daughter (wasn't her kind of music). They did'nt mind this, but I wondered if there is any way to stop the average PC world type computer buyer/user from copying the disc by using some form of copy protection.
Anyone now of a way or program to do this, it does'nt have to be mega secure just enough to discourage.

  recap 18:46 16 Oct 2003
  [DELETED] 19:04 16 Oct 2003

Make sure that any protection used does not stop the cd from playing on 'any CD player' as would not be a CD (as per the definition of a CD)

  [DELETED] 20:48 16 Oct 2003

Some interesting programs there recap but they protect applications. thanx for your time anyway

  [DELETED] 21:10 16 Oct 2003

click here

A couple of audio ones here.

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