Copy protect my CDs

  beastieboy 11:52 16 Jul 2003


I want to send some CDs with files on them to a customer. However I don't want them to copy the disc or extract the data from them onto their hard drive. What software is a round for me to protect these CDS?

Many thanks,


  -pops- 11:53 16 Jul 2003

Even the biggest commercial producers haven't been able to to this. I doubt if it's really worth your while trying.


  Peter 12:30 16 Jul 2003


If it's a Word or an Excel file you can protect the file from alteration in the programme when you save it.


  beastieboy 12:32 16 Jul 2003


It's some video files of my work which I want protecting.


  PC Advisor. 12:58 16 Jul 2003

Hi folks,

We're drifting into dodgy territory here.

Thread locked.

  beastieboy 13:00 16 Jul 2003

I am an MSc Student in e-Business and I need to send a client some videos of how to setup Oracle on his Linux system. The videos come on a CD!


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