Copy problem with Epson R300 Printer

  buckland 13:08 18 Dec 2005

Have replaced my Epson 895 with a new Epson Stylus Photo R300. Can anyone tell me why it should take FOUR Minutes to print a single A4,B & W sheet from my Epson Perfection 1660 Scanner via Smart Panel "Copy" Tab. The R300 takes a minute to grunt and then the Icon shows paper passing through it but nothing happens. Then it prints a couple of lines, stops for a while then starts again for a couple of lines and so on. The final print is O.K. It seems to be doing the job in chunks as though it has too mnay Mbs to handle. Has anyone had this problem Please? Advice on the Settings would be welcome. Scanner via Smart Panel to "File" and "E-mail" is O.K. as is the Printer when printing from a My Docuents File. Ink Cartridges are nearly full and Head cleaning as per Guide Manual carried out. I have been to Epson via e-mail (as I am too deaf for the 'phone) and answered their questions but no further response from them and my hasteners on the "String" are ignored.Any advice would be appreciated. BUCKLAND.

  Stuartli 13:14 18 Dec 2005

I've only just acquired an Epson R300 and have noticed that printing does seem to take an age to start and then complete compared to my former nine-year-old Canon BJC 600e.

I've put it down to the fact that the Epson is primarily a photo printer and that the wonderful Canon, although fully equipped for photo and transparency work, was a text and images printer first and foremost.

  bananaslik 13:22 18 Dec 2005

running the status monitor 3 slows things down a little but it should not take 4 mins to print an a4 b&w.i have disabled the monitot so that the print starts up almost immediatly when u tell it to.i would uninstal the printer completely,re-install & c if that makes any difference.

  jack 14:18 18 Dec 2005

Imagine the following.
A normal A4 word document can be 800/900 Kb -prints in seconds
A normal JPEg image is around about 3/4 Megabyte
maybe little more and prints in a minute or so.

A Scanned image untreated at say 200 dpi will come in as a Bitmap or TIF file uncompressed at anything up to 10/12 megabyte. I have some come in at 20 megabyte.
The image has to process, is loaded to spooler to feed to printer via a USB port - that is the data is streamed bit after bit in serial form as opposed to 20 lines of parralel data- the old way then the image is processed for 6 colour form then the printer wakes up.
It is all to do with RAM,virtual disk size processor speed
Getting the message?- Modern /upto date/ high quality does not = speed

  TonyV 14:23 18 Dec 2005

I have said for ages now that the R300 is pitifully slow. I no longer use mine, I prefer to use the HP930C which is so much faster and certainly gives as good as Epson for quality. I have tried all the usual operations like making sure the driver is up-to-date and switching off all superfluous programmes and it makes not the slightest bit of difference. I have no idea where Epson get their pages per minute figures because they bear no relationship to actuality!!

I have even tried printing on the draft(Quickest) method, and you can hardly read the output. As I say, I have given up with it.


  pj123 14:44 18 Dec 2005

I don't have an R300 but I do have an R200 and I don't find any problems with it. I also have an Epson 895 which is very slow to print. But the R200 is the fastest Epson printer I have ever had.

I have said many times on this Forum that I was advised by someone on the Epson Helpline "never switch your printers off, then they don't have to initiallise every time you want a print" This also stops ink wastage. I never switch my printers off and I run a test print through both of them every week and have never had to do a head clean since.

  TonyV 15:34 18 Dec 2005

I must confess that is the one thing I have never done. When I have finished on the machine I always switch everything off, printer included. I will have to try what you say and see if it speeds the tortoise up!!


  pj123 16:19 18 Dec 2005

TonyV, good. Make yourself a test print in Word (or whatever wordprocessor you have) and run it at least once a week. If you want the test print I have made email me via the envelope and I will send it to you.

  pj123 16:22 18 Dec 2005

Sorry, anyone else who wants the test print can also email me.

It only consists of a few lines of text (black, coloured, underlined, bold, italic) plus some squares and circles filled with colours.

Quite easy to make up yourself.

  TonyV 16:57 18 Dec 2005

Many thanks. I also have a similar style Test Page to check on my HP. I'll give it a whirl on the Epson. At the moment the Epson is all unplugged and I will now have to get an extension to the USB cable since we have just, this last week, re-organised the study and the printer needs a bit of work to get it all connected up again! (That's how keen I was to get it back on line!!)



  SG Atlantis® 17:15 18 Dec 2005

The neighbours R300 is a bit sluggish but my R340 is quicker. Saying that my old c66 printed at lightning speeds compared to both!

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