copy & paste web page table into word 2007

  tonyq 20:25 14 Jul 2008

Hi all,
I am trying to copy/paste a table on a web page, (starting times for the Open Golf)

click here

When I paste it into Word (Office 2007) all I get is the text.Is there away to paste it as a table?

  MAT ALAN 20:31 14 Jul 2008

Why not just print it out and leave it near your telly...

  tonyq 12:47 15 Jul 2008

Hi Mat Alan,
thank you for the reply,I know I could just print the web page but would like to know if it is possible.Is there away to paste it as a table not only for this but for future projects.

  nosharpe 12:54 15 Jul 2008

highlight the table, right click -> copy
open Word, right click -> paste

alternately paste it to Excel

  tonyq 13:15 15 Jul 2008

that is what I have been doing,all I get is one block of text. I was hoping to copy/paste the text to display as it is set out on the web page without having to separate each line of text to make it look as it should . Please follow the link copy/paste the list you will see what I mean.

  kiaora 13:55 15 Jul 2008

It's not a Word file, paste into a 'normal' Windows txt file, that works quite well

  VoG II 14:07 15 Jul 2008

In Excel, Edit > Paste Special > Text.

  kiaora 14:13 15 Jul 2008

Whoops, forgot about Paste Special, that's done it!!

  Seth Haniel 14:49 15 Jul 2008

paste in Irfanview
select around table- cut
paste into word as graphic ;)

  recap 15:10 15 Jul 2008

From the link you provided tonyq, I clicked and dragged from the top of the table to the bottom, right clicked in the highlighted area selected copy and pasted direct in to Word. The pasted image was in table form.

  tonyq 18:19 15 Jul 2008

Thank you all for your replies,I was not highlighting the table from the very top only the starting times,it now pastes into word o.k.
Using the "paste into" also works fine in Word and Excel. Its nice to live and learn.
Thanks to one and all again.

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