Copy & Paste Between applications

  [DELETED] 23:33 19 Oct 2003

I can no longer copy and paste between applications unless both applications are open at time of copy. E.g. If I PrtSc> then open Word and paste I get small unrecognisable picture. If I first open Word (then minimize) then PrtSc> (then maximise) and then paste it is OK. I have tried restoring to previous time when I new this quirk did not occur to no avail. I have been trying different firewalls and virus protection software (all now removed without any change)and I suspect one of these caused the problem. I am running XP Home on Sony FX705 Laptop. HELP!

  [DELETED] 08:54 20 Oct 2003

Tried detect and repair option in Word?

  [DELETED] 13:13 20 Oct 2003

try "ctr insert" and then "shift insert"

  [DELETED] 15:09 20 Oct 2003

right click and copy, then right click /paste into the other application

  [DELETED] 16:27 20 Oct 2003

Control C then Contol V, any more?

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