Copy and Paste

  graham 10:52 04 Feb 2003

Whilst copying and pasting in Excel just now, I was impressed by how much data could be stored in that little mouse these days. Is there an upper limit?

  woodchip 10:57 04 Feb 2003

It's stored in the clipboard but you can download a better clipboard software, or you may already have one in your office software to allow for saving different pages not just the simple windows clipboard

  DieSse 11:00 04 Feb 2003

"The Office Clipboard can hold 4 megabytes (MB) of data or 12 items, whichever occurs first. If you attempt to copy a selection that is larger than 4 MB, you may receive an error message and you will be prompted to clear the Clipboard or close it.

You cannot customize or resize the Office Clipboard Toolbar.

You cannot paste a formula to the Office Clipboard."

The above straight out of Microsift knowledge base, via Help in XP.

  woodchip 11:14 04 Feb 2003

It's got to be warmer out there, as your brain is more active than mine at the moment near Sheffield with SNOW

  graham 15:12 04 Feb 2003

And I thought it was stored in the mouse! I've looked at the MS database you refer to, DieSse, am I reading it wrong or should I be able to see what has been copied?

  Djohn 15:22 04 Feb 2003

graham, I use 98se and if you are on the same then click on start/programs/accessories/clipboard and you will see what is copied on there.

I keep a short cut to clipboard on the top section of my, start/programs menu.

the reason for this is that when you have copied/pasted a file or picture it will remain there until you replace it with something else. If this is a large file then it may slow down your PC as it is using sys. resources to keep it there.

One way to clear the clipboard is to just copy paste a . and this will remove the large file, also when you do a re-boot this also clears the clipboard. J.

  DieSse 16:08 04 Feb 2003

The Office clipboard, at least from Office2000, is a little different - as you'll have seen from the link.

In Office - Click View - Clipboard - and it should pop up.

  Djohn 16:14 04 Feb 2003

DieSse, Never knew about Office clipboard until now, Thank you. I was referring to the windows clipboard, as I'm sure you noticed. Regards. J.

  Peter E 16:39 04 Feb 2003

It's thought by some that the old Windows clipboard viewer is no longer available in Windows XP. However, it is although it's hidden and cannot be accessed through accessories. It's now called Clipbook viewer, although if you want to launch it from RUN, you still have to type clipbrd viewer.

Anyway, to create a shortcut to it on the desktop so it's always readily available...

As usual, right-click your desktop, New - Shortcut.

In the location field, type C:\windows\system32\clipbrd.exe.

Click Next to give it a name, then click Finish.

  graham 18:02 04 Feb 2003

the responses, I'll bet half the world are playing with their Clipboards/books! Something new every day.

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